Hitman 2 releases a ‘How to’ on the Assassin’s Mindset

‘Have you ever wondered how the mind of an assassin works?’

HITMAN 2‘s newest trailer gives us a glimpse of what goes through the assassin’s mind. Let’s give it a look.

It looks like the new game will feature a new mechanic called “Picture-in-Picture”, which “Alerts you to important events as they happen”, as the narrator discusses, so that if you mess up during a mission, you know why you’ve messed up.

Apparently the mind of an assassin includes having the god-like ability to sense when the body of the person you just killed has been found, but we can get past this, we shouldn’t let immersion get the better of us in these “video games.” The new Hitman will also feature a mini-map.

Players will be given freedom to plan assassinations using new tools, weapons and disguises, and are encouraged to trigger chain reactions with the devices at their disposal.

Hitman 2 has always been a series of pulling off intense stealthy operations through interesting means and with player choice at centre stage. The original Hitman came out in 2000, ‘Codename 47’, and hit the stealth games scene long before titles like Dishonored and Assassin’s creed were ever even teased.

With its early origins, and emphasis on player choice in carrying out creative assassinations, the narrative has always come as a sideline in Hitman, so don’t expect to get swept up in a compelling story like what the earlier mentioned titles provide.

It’s interesting to see these old titles and how they translate into the modern gaming market — I wrote a piece earlier about how DOOM has begun to use its portrayals of anger as a selling point over compelling narratives and reason for being – perhaps there’s something to be said on how old titles have been reshaped to fit the consumer base of 2018, through either the privision of premium gameplay that you can’t get anywhere else, or through the presentation of a unique narrative, as what Wolfenstein has done, and what Call of Duty has always done.

It’s not a series for the faint of heart, but the reboot title Hitman in 2016 is definitely a game worth playing, you should check it out.

Hitman 2 launches November 13, 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.