All the games coming to Xbox Game Pass in April 2021

coming to Game Pass

If you’re looking for all the games coming to Xbox Game Pass in April, you’ve come to the right place. Xbox’s on-demand gaming service goes from strength to strength, with several notable additions. This month includes the arrival of Rockstar’s legendary GTA 5 (console only) and the addition of NHL 21 to the EA Play lineup (console only). MLB The Show 21 also makes its series debut on Xbox starting April 19. See below for a full list of the new additions:

New arrivals

Week 2 of April:

  • Grand Theft Auto V (Console) – April 8
  • Zombie Army 4: Dead War (Console and PC) ID@Xbox – April 8

Week of April 12:

  • NHL 21 (Console) EA Play – April 12
  • Rain on Your Parade (Console and PC) ID@Xbox – April 15
  • Pathway (PC) ID@Xbox – April 15

Week of April 19:

  • MLB The Show 21 (Console) – April 20



But with new arrivals coming to Game Pass in April are sad departures. There’s a lot of games that are about to drop off the platform, including a host of older sports titles from the EA Play stable. Don’t forget, your Game Pass subscription gets you 20% on anything about to cycle off the platform, and 10% of EA Play titles going the same way. See below for the full list.


April 15

·       Deliver Us the Moon (Console and PC)

·       Gato Roboto (Console and PC)

·       Wargroove (Console and PC)


April 16 (EA Play)

·       Madden 15 (Console)

·       Madden 16 (Console)

·       Madden 17 (Console)

·       Madden 18 (Console)

·       Madden 25 (Console)

·       NHL 18 (Console)

·       NHL 19 (Console)



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