E3 2021: Guardians of the Galaxy game coming from Eidos Montreal

Eidos Montreal is making a single-player action game around Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

The game puts players in control of Peter Quill, Star Lord, as he and the still newly-formed Guardians eke out a living in some of the galaxy’s sketchiest locales. The Guardians roster consists of the same line up from James Gunn’s MCU films — Quill, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot. Also seen in the trailer are fan favourites Mantis and Cosmo.

Combat is fairly standard brawler material, with Quill able to battle solo with his twin pistols or team up with his squadmates in a manner similar to Marvel Ultimate Team. It wouldn’t be a Square-Enix title without ultimate moves and limit breaks. Quill has a host of super moves unleashed in combat. Each move is paired with a licensed song. This, once again, evokes the feel of Gunn’s MCU films. The obvious downside to this admittedly cool idea is that its going affect streamers badly. Any streamers who were planning to play the game on their channels will have to use a streamer mode or be incredibly fast on the volume to avoid DMCA strikes or takedowns. Hopefully Eidos can come up with a workaround that doesn’t ruin the vibe.

Also featured in the trailer are Telltale-esque mood and memory notifications. When Rocket is unceremoniously tossed across a gorge, a notification appears to indicate his fury. This is a cool mechanic. Whether you can really change the group dynamic with your choices remains to be seen. But, we like that it’s in there.

Guardians of the Galaxy launches October 26, 2021 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC.

David Smith

David Smith is the former games and technology editor at The AU Review. He has previously written for PC World Australia. You can find him on Twitter at @RhunWords.