Interview: Nat’s What I Reckon on Un-cook Yourself: A Ratbag’s Rules For Life, stand up comedy and his bucket list

Un-Cook Yourself

Nat’s What I Reckon has had a massive year, even by his own reckoning, “2020 is a hard year to beat.” He wowed the world with his frank take on bottled pasta sauce, toured his sold-out stand up show, spoke at BIGSOUND and hosted Rage on the ABC. And, now he’s adding author to his growing list of accomplishments. This month saw the release of Un-Cook Yourself: A Ratbag’s Rules for Life. Or as he says, “I’ve been overachieving”.

His book delves into nine rules to a more authentic you. It’s, as he describes, “a gentle stab at a self help book”. With the self help elements built up around his raw unfiltered Australiana charm, comedy and his beloved recipes. According to Nat it was “eye-opening to write a book” and that, “I had no idea what I’m supposed to write about in a book.” 

As an advocate for mental health, and in such a heightened climate, Nat is providing his audience with the best medicine: laughter. And he doesn’t have plans to slow down in 2021, with plans to record a bunch more videos. Top of his bucket list, however, is to tour the world, and with a book deal, his stand-up, and having been recording an EP with his band, he’s a triple threat. 

We caught up with Nat, following the release of his new book, to talk about his latest creation, the “hardcore time” of 2020, and what he has planned for the next twelve months. Check it out: 

Un-cook Yourself: A Ratbag’s Rules For Life, from Nat’s What I Reckon, is out now from Penguin Australia.

Grab yourself a copy from Booktopia HERE.

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