Book Review: Turns Out, I’m Fine sees Judith Lucy at her sardonic self-deprecating best

Judith Lucy

Turns Out, I’m Fine sees comedian Judith Lucy making peace with different things in her life. The former star of The Late Show toured her comedy show, Judith Lucy versus Men across Australia in 2019. A number of the jokes and stories she told there form the basis of her latest book. Fans of her debut biography, 2009’s The Lucy Family Alphabet will enjoy her latest tome, as it’s yet another brutally honest look at her life.

In this title Lucy does some soul-searching. She gives a lot of consideration to the men who have shaped her character. Her adopted father Tony features alongside the searches she completed to discover her biological Dad. Lucy also explores the pain of her brother, Niall’s passing. It is something she had to finally confront after having swept those difficult emotions under the rug whilst she was in the throes of a happy relationship.

The majority of the book sees Lucy at her self-deprecating best as she looks back over the pitfalls in her romantic life. The writing is very readable and the wit sharp as she skewers the many dropkicks she dated. Her musings are hard-edged and will offer – if not hope then at least – some laughs to fellow singletons.

Turns Out, I’m Fine sees Lucy offer readers a kind of anti-Eat Pray Love. Yes, there is some exploration of things that are greater than herself and a consideration of how she can go about bettering herself. But she also has intervals where her sardonic humour sweeps away any stirrings of sentimentality. It’s clear that Lucy doesn’t take herself too seriously. By creating this personal collection of stories, she offers something very relatable to readers who may have faced similar predicaments.

Turns out I’m Fine is a prescient title and a cautionary tale in our post-Covid world. Lucy ruminates on periods where she coped and other times where she found this awfully trying. She does this with a bittersweet eccentricity that is relatable even while this may seem rather unlikely. Readers who are after some biting sarcasm and Lucy’s spiky humour will find many moments to enjoy in this charming tome.

Judith Lucy


Turns Out, I’m Fine: How Not to Fall Apart by Judith Lucy is out now, from Simon & Schuster Australia.

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