Book Review: The Price of Magic draws to close with Bonnie Wynne’s The Last Sorceress

  • Jodie Sloan
  • June 16, 2023
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Gwyn has emerged victorious over the risen dead. But at what cost?

Aranor has fallen and Ailbhe Ahriddin sits on the Tintarel throne. The survivors of the Demon War flock to her banner. Alcide is by her side, caught in a dark plot that Gwyn can’t quite figure out. And somewhere out there, the last Scions still remain.

With the final battle for Caerwyn on the horizon, Gwyn cannot rest on her laurels. There are battle plans to be drawn up, alliances to be formed, and sacrifices to be made. But none of that matters if Gwyn and Enoch don’t survive the perilous journey back from the frozen Northern Wilds.

It’s been three years since we started our journey with reluctant sorceress Gwyn, and now – with the fifth book in the series – The Price of Magic is drawing to a close. The Last Sorceress capitalises on all the incredible world-building and character development of Bonnie Wynne‘s previous instalments, offering a solid and satisfying finale. Packed with plot twists, betrayals, and alliances old and new, it’s a fitting end to a consistently engaging and exciting series.

The Last Sorceress moves at a slightly slower pace than its predecessors, a true march to war that sees Gwyn navigating politics and supply trains as much as blood magic. There are exciting asides, of course, but it’s Gwyn’s grit and determination to do that right thing that really carries the novel and, indeed, the series as a whole. Does she always make the right decisions? Of course not. And, Wynne is never afraid to punish her for it. But she’s a relatable and interesting heroine, plagued not only by the horror of her powers, but by a little voice that says she’s in over her head, and many will pay the price.

Throughout The Price of Magic, author Wynne has consistently delivered. Carefully crafted characters, brilliantly imagined cities and landscapes, and bloody, brutal battles have abounded from day one, and The Last Sorceress is no exception. Fans of YA high fantasy, take note. (And, if you can, splurge on the paperbacks – the covers are to die for!)


Bonnie Wynne’s The Last Sorceress is out now through Talem Press.

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