Book Review: Harry Saddler’s Questions Raised by Quolls is a thought-provoking and caring read


Questions Raised by Quolls, written by Harry Saddler, is aimed at educating us all about the plight of the quolls and the environmental situation in Australia. It is a book which raises important questions, and asks us all to reflect on the situation in this country. For example, did you know that Australia has the highest extinction rate on Earth, with one in every four extinction events happening here. 

Across the book, Saddler considers the ways in which we can help future children understand the loss of endangered flora and fauna. There is also a strong autobiographical element, with Saddler grappling with the dilemma of bringing up his own children in his world. This is all whilst also reflecting on his own upbringing and his family’s relationship with the wildlife more historically. 

Questions Raised by Quolls is a thought provoking read; one with a kind and caring narrative. This eulogy to lost species will force you to question your place in the vast interconnected web of life.  

It is also an educational read, taking readers on a journey around Australia, and exploring the environmental damage experienced across the decades, even stretching back to Colonial period with the introduction of alien species. It is not all doom and gloom, however, Saddler does offer some hope for our environmental future. 

I really enjoyed this book, from reading about his encounters with like-minded people in the industry, to hearing about his youth and childhood. The book, and the detail about Saddler’s many projects, made me rethink my relationship with the environment, forcing me to ask myself how I can make it better. 

It’s easy to see why Saddler is rated so highly amongst his peers, and Questions Raised By Quolls is sure to delight any person interested in ecology, conservation and animals. 


 Harry Saddler’s Questions Raised by Quolls is out now from Affirm Press. Grab yourself a copy from Booktopia HERE

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