Author: Stephanie Wong Wei Yen


Interview: Move Over Marvel – The Yorke Cinematic Universe is Here

September 18, 2023

Let’s be honest: at some point, we’ve all yearned for a personal soundtrack to our everyday lives. To be able to capture the crescendos and lulls of a musical piece, attaching them to the scenarios unfolding before our eyes. When a melody perfectly aligns with a specific memory, we embark on a theatrical voyage that […]

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BIGSOUND 2023: Four artists defining Australia’s next wave of Pop

September 15, 2023

Now, let me confess something: I’ve always avoided Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. It’s not that I don’t appreciate its charm – I really do, but I would much rather stay within the confines of my super secret sanctuary (a.k.a my rented bedroom). My appearances in the Valley are like a supermoon – rare and unusual, but […]

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