Author: Matthew Dredge

Review: Unsound Adelaide wind up marathon weekend of music with Australian firsts, a world premiere & more

November 22, 2017

Sunday, after lucky, bag-eyed fans waded through a marathon weekend of music, was a delightful and unique way to close out Unsound. With a world premiere, and two Australian firsts, the festival still had plenty of surprises in store. The striking element about the stage for the Abrahams/Avenaim/Ambarchi trio is the twin kick drums mounted […]

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Review: Robin Fox illluminates Thebarton Theatre during Unsound Adelaide’s Friday night out

November 19, 2017

We return to Thebarton Theatre for Unsound 2017, the third time the experimental music festival has utilised this venue, but the first as a standalone event in Adelaide. This is hugely exciting because it emerges from the coat tails of the Adelaide Festival to really stretch out into other spaces and engage in different ways […]

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Review: Unsound Adelaide kicks off strong with gorgeous displays in the Botanic Gardens Conservatory

November 17, 2017

The first event for Unsound 2017 Adelaide takes place in the delightful Botanic Gardens Bicentennial Conservatory. Surprisingly, it is the first amplified sound event that has ever taken place in the beautiful venue, which looks like a discus fell from the skies to be buried almost completely. Effectively it is two sound shells bolted together, […]

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Experiencing Max Richter’s VIVID Sydney production of Sleep…from Adelaide – a review.

June 9, 2016

Friday¬†night in front of the telly! With a trundle bed and big quilt, a candle, the rest of the household in bed. I’m excited, although exhausted after a big week and would have preferred a nice quiet lead up to a long eight hour broadcast. But, it’s not a usual simulcast in that it’s designed […]

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