Author: Hugo Monotti

TV Review: American Horror Story: Coven – Episode 13 “The Seven Wonders” (USA, 2014)

February 9, 2014

We finally arrive at the big event the season has been hinting at, the “Seven Wonders” witch trial. If you’re expecting a thrilling build up of tension, ambitious witches sabotaging each other or anything that’s generally exciting in anyway you’ll be disappointed. It’s less like watching the end to a triathlon and more like watching […]

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TV Review: American Horror Story: Coven – Episode 12 “Go To Hell” (USA, 2014)

February 4, 2014

Despite repeating structural felonies, I was impressed with the ending to this episode. I didn’t see it coming and it definitely had a shock value that put new motions into practice. The Seven Wonders Witch trials loom, but there isn’t much preparation or focus on them. Instead, the episode prefers to tread on already explored […]

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TV Review: American Horror Story: Coven – Episode 11 “Protect The Coven” (USA, 2014)

February 1, 2014

For anyone waiting for the macabre and gore to amplify are about to have their wishes fulfilled. Episode 11 steps up the suspense and blood levels to create a more engaging episode. This being said, there are still issues with script including scenes that should be tense but aren’t. As far as plot construction goes, […]

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TV Review: American Horror Story: Coven – Episode 10 “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks” (USA, 2014)

January 19, 2014

We’re nearing the end to American Horror Story: Coven and episode 10 throws some new tricks into the equation. It starts where episode 9 left off, with Marie Laveau being sheltered by the Coven. The truce that was once over seems to be back, joining forces to tackle Witch Hunters known as The Corporation. Meanwhile, […]

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TV Review: American Horror Story: Coven – Episode 9 “Head” (USA, 2013)

December 18, 2013

The season has been hinting at Witch-hunters for a while but now they finally become a prominent part of the storyline. This steers the narrative into an interesting direction bringing with it fresh characters and conflicts and pushing the possibility of an alliance between Marie and Fiona. Meanwhile, Queenie educates Delphine on racial prejudice and […]

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TV Review: American Horror Story: Coven – Episodes 7 and 8 (USA, 2013)

December 12, 2013

More secrets are unveiled in this episode and things begin to look interesting again. In episode 7, Queenie and Delphine’s friendship grows as Zoe and Cordelia attempt to discover Madison’s murderer. The turning points in this episode are quite dramatic but, as observed in previous reviews, the lack of effective characterisation has decreased their impact. Unlike previous seasons where the […]

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TV Review: American Horror Story: Coven – Episodes 5 and 6 (USA, 2013)

December 5, 2013

The zombie sub-genre can produce gory fun and easy thrills but the incorporation of the undead in Episode 5 of American Horror Story: Coven is nowhere near the standard of a George A. Romero picture. The zombie encounter is the highest point of the episode and it concludes half way through. Following on from the […]

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BIFF Film Review – Blue Is The Warmest Colour (France, 2013)

November 23, 2013

As with many European Art films, Blue Is The Warmest Colour requires patience. The film moves at a snail’s pace but this is only to increase the drama and tension at pivotal turning points in the narrative. That being said, Blue Is The Warmest Colour is a beautiful character study that, with its depiction and […]

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BIFF Film Review – OXV: The Manual (Australia/UK, 2013)

November 20, 2013

OXV: The Manual is unlike any other film you’ve seen, it’s even coined a new genre: the ‘scientific-philosophical romance’. It breaks free from genre conventions to deliver a unique story that presents a new look on fate, determinism and freewill. The film may take a few viewings to fully grasp the rules of writer/director Darren […]

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BIFF Film Review – The Railway Man (UK/Australia, 2013)

November 20, 2013

It’s refreshing to see a war film that doesn’t concentrate on the ‘fighting’ aspect of war. Instead, The Railway Man, which opened the Brisbane International Film Festival, focuses on the effects of war such as post-traumatic stress disorder and its devastating nature for decades to come. Based on the autobiography by Eric Lomax, the film […]

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TV Review: American Horror Story: Coven – Episode 4 “Fearful Pranks Ensue” (USA, 2013)

November 7, 2013

The fruits of plot and character seeds are beginning to flourish. Episode 4 illuminates character history and sets the foundation for war between the witches of Salem and the voodoo witches. Although a step up from the state the series began with, it is still unsubtle in conveying information. If you haven’t seen the last […]

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TV Review: American Horror Story: Coven – Episode 3 “The Replacements” (USA, 2013)

October 30, 2013

Welcome back, American Horror Story! Finally, after two weeks of wondering ‘who cares’ to the character’s problems and woes, the consequences of their actions are becoming more apparent and the stakes have been raised. Intrigue is created amongst the girls when a new family move in door, especially between Madison and their handsome son. Zoe […]

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TV Review: American Horror Story: Coven – Episode 2

October 25, 2013

After a lacklustre pilot, there was still the potential for the season to produce nail-biting suspense and shocking twists that was delivered in the previous seasons. After the airing of the second episode, however, it seems we will have to wait a little longer. “American Horror Story: Coven” is set in the present day and although […]

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TV Review: American Horror Story: Coven – Episode 1

October 17, 2013

The horror anthology produced by FX in the US and now airing Monday nights on channel Eleven usually bases its setting, characters and plot around archetypal horror concepts and sub-genres. Now in its third incarnation, American Horror Story sets Coven modern day New Orleans with flashbacks to the nineteen hundreds and focuses on the supernatural aspect […]

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