Author: Dave Roberts

The top five places to visit in Europe (that you’ve probably never heard of)

February 23, 2016

Being an Australian overseas leaves you target for long open-ended conversation with two types of people – those who love Australia and haven’t been, and those who love Australia and have been. However, when I hear someone say they’ve been to Oz, and then proceed to tell me they saw Sydney and Melbourne – for […]

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Album Review: Dream Theater – The Astonishing (2016 LP)

January 28, 2016

There seems to be a growing trend in the entertainment industry of over-hyping. Some new whatever comes out, or is announced, and it whips everyone into a frenzy just thinking about the potential for a new whatever-the-hell-is-being-hyped. Unfortunately, the other growing trend is letting those who are hyped up for something down, and as a […]

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