Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition has opened at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney

An interactive exhibition titled, Star Wars Identities has opened at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum. Designed for fans of all ages, the exhibition allows visitors to build their own unique and personal Star Wars character as they move through each interactive station. At the end of the exhibition, visitors will get to meet their unique creation.

When you begin the interaction you will be given a wristband, that looks like a fitbit which you then touch against designated points along the way. Along with an in-ear piece as an audio guide to direct you through the exhibition.   Walking from station to station you will be asked a series of questions, these will help to generate the personality of your unique “Star Wars Identity”. Some of these questions can get pretty deep too, asking how you might behave or react in a certain scenario. Whether you lean towards Jedi or Sith traits, or whether you’re the sort of being who is looking out for their own skin or prepared to jump into the fray to help a friend.

Throughout the exhibition, fans will uncover rare treasures from the Lucasfilm archives, going behind the scenes to see original props, costumes and artwork up close and personal. In Australia for the first time and exclusive to the Powerhouse, this exhibition is a once in a lifetime chance to see your favourite Star Wars characters like you’ve never seen them before and take part in a truly unique interactive adventure.

The Star Wars Identities exhibition will be running at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum from 16 November 2018 through to 10 June 2019. For more information go to the Powerhouse website.