Review: The hilarious Peter Hellier headlines at one of Melbourne’s hidden treasures, The Comic’s Lounge (06.10.23)

Peter Hellier

On Friday 6th, October, I had the pleasure to witness Peter Hellier, one of Australia’s favourite hosts and comedians, live on stage at the iconic The Comic’s Lounge.

Peter is well known for his time as the co-host of The Project on Network Ten, a role he retired from in 2022 after eight years. Before The Project, Peter appeared as a regular in the popular show Rove for ten years and has over 25 years of impressive experience in comedy, acting, radio and television. A recent highlight saw Peter selected as a contestant on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Reality TV show in April 2023.

My first introduction to The Comic’s Lounge Comedy Club was in 2018, and it sure left a lasting impression. It is a large seated venue that delivers a killer show every time, welcoming the best of Australia’s comedians and international guests. It is the perfect date night spot with affordable ticket prices, dinner and show packages, and a range of drinks, including signature cocktails. The comedy sets leave you in stitches, and the intervals between acts allow space to chat and get to know each other while you’re in your best mood.

In 2020, the sad announcement came that The Comic’s Lounge is closing its doors as it just doesn’t make sense without a packed crowd laughing out loud… No re-opening date in sight – what a joy killer was COVID-19! For a while, it seemed like another Melbourne tragedy for such an iconic venue to go under, but I was thrilled to see that the lounge was back to business as of last year, and it is just as packed and funny as it always was.

From 6:30 PM, guests are invited to be seated front to back for dinner and pre-drinks. The show starts at 8 PM, and everything about it is hilarious: the introductions, the signage, and even the confirmation email for your tickets contain a few one-liners every time. The MC opens up with a set of his own. This Friday, we got the WA-born Brett Blake rocking a mullet in authentic small-town boy charm. He looks like he has never been in a bad mood, and his high energy is contagious. We’re off to a good start!

Brett introduces the first support act to a roaring applause, and the one-of-a-kind John Burgos emerges to the stage. What a treat! Known for his role as The Annoying Devil on Balls of Steel Australia, John is mastering dark humour and laughing at himself. He pulls out all the inappropriate jokes, and it is hilarious!

The MC Brett gets a few jokes between the acts, keeping the mood high with some great physical comedy moments. Next to grace the stage is Katie Wainhouse with her bitter mum persona, which is way too relatable! With themes ranging from kids, relationships and sex, Katie’s act engages the crowd and leaves its mark. She doesn’t smile once but manages to keep the whole room laughing.

After the last set break, it is time to welcome the high-profile headline, Peter Hellier. All the entertainers so far were great, but Peter is next level! He doesn’t need to curse too much or say anything extra inappropriate to deliver a punch. Not scared of a long pause and keeping no subject off limits, Peter shines with his acting skills and physical comedy tricks. This is pro-comedy right there, and it is such a privilege to watch!

One of the things I love about The Comic’s Lounge is that every show I come to seems well crafted and balanced, with all the chosen entertainers presenting different comedy styles. It is always anything but repetitive: each act brings something completely different. It is always such a rich experience.

What a great night! If you haven’t been to The Comic’s Lounge in Melbourne yet – run to get your tickets!

*All photos credit to The Comic’s Lounge Comedy Club, Melbourne


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Anna Blaby

Anna is a Melbourne based mum, writer and storyteller.