Adelaide Fringe Review: Surviving Matt Hale’s Hypnotic Chaos

Matt Hale

Matt Hale is a self-confessed comedy hypnotist, with self-help motivational and corporate entertainment packages a major part of his life. It makes sense then that a show called Absolute Chaos would be on the Fringe list.

Hale’s introduction to the show is measured, thorough and complete. He explains the process and jokingly warns that even though very few people “stay permanently hypnotised”, they do have a process in place to deal with that eventuality.

The house lights go up and he invites willing participants to ascend the stage and take a chair. It was with a mixture of excitement and trepidation that this writer decided to take up the challenge.

The process was simple. Hypnotism is much like any form of guided visualisation or meditation. After some deep breathing exercises, the seated participants were guided through some simple movements. Various people were tapped on the shoulder to re-join the audience and watch the show from the crowd, leaving about half of the participants on stage.

It’s a strange feeling, not knowing exactly what is going on around you, relaxed and with eyes closed. Eventually, the fun begins, and we are guided to perform with air-guitar, surf imaginary waves and more.

Different people are given different tasks and the frivolity increases. If I’d known that I’d become a penguin or a T-Rex on stage in front of a crowd of people, I’m not sure that I would have volunteered. But the stories around the water cooler today made up for it.

Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale: Absolute Chaos! is just what it makes out to be. Everyone has a great time, participants and audience included. Everyone deserves to feel this good and his show helps that in spades.

Matt HaleMatt HaleMatt Hale


Matt Hale’s Absolute Chaos plays at Gluttony – Rymill Park

The Flamingo 18-20, 22-27 Feb, 1-6, 8-13 Mar at 8pm

The Peacock 15-20 Mar at 6:45pm

The reviewer attended the show on Feb 22nd

Tickets available here

Featured image by DG Imagery