Adelaide Fringe Review: Shark Heist is a wild and crazy trip – Rhino Room (10.03.20)

As the audience is shepherded into the tiny downstairs Hell Fire space in the Rhino Room venue, they are greeted by a bearded man wearing nothing but a pair of white briefs. Smiling and friendly, he welcomes everyone with open arms. This is going to be a very intimate performance.

Cam Venn explains the show thus: A precious jewel. A killer shark. A retired thief back for ONE LAST JOB. He goes on to explain that audience participation is a requirement. With that introduction, Cam becomes Terry the Shark. His ability to use facial expressions to the utmost is what gives this show the edge. A smile, a wink, a nod; any of these can make the audience erupt in fits of laughter.

The show has shadow puppetry, a plethora of costume props and a laugh a minute. The audience participation is all good natured and the whispered prompts produce hilarious results. The loose story line about getting the gang back together for one last heist allows every cliched movie trope to get pulled out of the bag. There’s the computer nerd who can crack any computer system, the getaway driver, the evil megalomaniac and much more. Some of these roles are played by Cam himself, others by the willing volunteers.

Clothes and props are added and removed at a frenetic pace until the essentially naked Cam is seducing the evil tyrant. By this stage the audience is so invested in the ride that no-one even cares. All too soon the credits roll, and the show is over.

Shark heist is a strange and funny show that leads the audience down the garden path then seduces them with humour. This is the type of show that Fringe audiences deserve to see. He’s not the Messiah. He’s just a very naughty boy.


Shark Heist is running until March 14 as part of the Adelaide Fringe. Tickets HERE

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