Adelaide Fringe Review: Rouge goes Rogue is saucy fun and entertaining

The late night performance of Rouge is a little bit more saucy and raucous than the earlier evening shows, but with all the passion and fun that one expects.

There’s a feeling of rawness and spontaneity that begins soon after the audience fills the Moa tent in Gluttony. In tight black pants, high heels and make up, our emcee for the evening lays down a few ground rules and suddenly we’re away.

A girl in red dress sings opera, a man walks the high-wire right above us. Which just introduces us to the variety of acts to follow. We have a girl performing on the cyr wheel, a girl who blows up a massive balloon then climbs into it and plenty of whips and chains.

It’s a fast paced show that feeds off the audience energy. The audience plays their part and cheers and claps to egg the performers on. Even the stage hand is drawn into the show as she stands in for an “unexpected” mishap to one of the dancers.

It’s all good clean fun (as clean as you can expect at a late night show), with the odd flash of nudity done in a tastefully funny way.

If you’ve already seen Rouge, there are different acts and tricks, so it’s worth the additional admission. For those that hadn’t seen Rouge, the audience are treated to a five minute overview. This is funny, even for those that hadn’t seen the first show.

Rouge goes Rogue is a great way to finish off a night of Fringe before heading to Club Curious where the performers were hanging out after the show.


Rouge goes Rogue plays at The Moa at Gluttony – Rymill Park until 18th Mar – tickets here