Day: 29 January 2024

Sebastian is an explorative drama that expresses a healthy relationship with the art of sex work: Sundance Film Festival Review

Though there’s an initial graphicness to the manner in which sex is depicted in the opening minutes of Sebastian, Mikko Mäkelä‘s explorative drama shouldn’t be dismissed as just another recent example of queer cinema that leans into sexual explicitness for the sake of shock or organic representation.  Yes, the sex on hand is a realistic…

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Good One aims for a sense of understated tension across its minimalistic plotting: Sundance Film Festival Review

There’s universally strong performances across the board and lush cinematography throughout, but one can’t help but wish there was more plotting to Good One for the understated drama to truly land the emotional impact it aims for. The set-up in India Donaldson‘s film is simple, with 17-year-old Sam (Lily Collias, an absolute breakout) gearing up…

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Photo Gallery: Noah Kahan – Red Hill Auditorium, Perth (27.01.24)

  Vermont folk rocker Noah Kahan blew the roof off Red Hill Auditorium on Saturday. The sold-out show was a mix of tenderness and honest emotion from the proclaimed ‘Folk Malone’ who rose to recent fame with handfuls of stunning tracks. With help from Tik-Tok virality, Kahan has gained critical success from his latest album Stick…

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