Day: 18 March 2023

Mary’s & Southern Comfort are throwing a massive glow-in-the-dark party in Bondi this month

When was the last time you played glow-in-the-dark golf? Never? Me too. Yet that’s exactly the type of niche Southern Comfort and Birds of Condor are getting at with a huge event in Bondi this month. With Mary’s Burgers along for the ride, there’s a glow-in-the-dark party being planned for Thursday 30th March at the…

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Film Review: Boston Strangler is a fascinating, yet familiar, true crime drama anchored by Keira Knightley

There’s a formula adhered to and a lack of mould breaking throughout Matt Ruskin‘s Boston Strangler, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t an effective take on an establish genre, with his script executing compelling narrative arcs and supplying the always-watchable Keira Knightley a role with sense and purpose. She stars as Loretta McLaughlin, a…

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Adelaide Fringe Review: Starwheels – Full Dome Immersive Experience at Adelaide Planetarium

The Adelaide Planetarium is a thirty seat dome in the Mawson Lakes campus of the Adelaide University. Normally used for demonstrating the movements of our celestial system, tonight the idea is to be fully immersed in a sound and light experience. The team behind the show, Sacred Resonance have been presenting sound and light experiences…

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Soul II Soul

WOMADelaide Day 4 closes on a high note

The holiday Monday closed day four of WOMADelaide to a smaller crowd, which made traversing the site much easier than the previous three sold-out days. Not to say that there was any less energy or talent on display. Mdou Moctar took to the Foundation stage early in the afternoon. Hailing from a desert village in…

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Film Review: Melissa Barrera is hauntingly captivating in All the World Is Sleeping, a harrowing drama on addiction and generational abuse

A harrowing tale of addiction, psychological instability, and the humanising of substance abuse, All the World Is Sleeping is a generational drama that provides no easy answers within.  Inspired by the true stories of Carly Hicks, Patricia Marez, Jade Sanchez, Myra Salazar, Kayleigh Smith, Malissa Trujillo, and Doralee Urban, a collective of New Mexico women…

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