Day: 20 July 2021

Sons of Zoku

Photo Gallery: Psychedelia Extravaganza feat. Sons of Zoku – Adelaide Unibar (17.07.21)

It was a dark and stormy night, but inside the Adelaide Unibar, five Psych bands were there to warm things up. Sons of Zoku headlined proceedings along with Nite Rites, The Howling Fog and last minute substitutions from Maisie and Road Wings. Our photographer John Goodridge was there to capture these images.

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Film Review: The Resort is a small-scale horror film that’s surprisingly gory

There’s nothing particularly original about The Resort.  In some manner hoping to be a type of The Shining-in-Hawaii set-up, Taylor Chien‘s supernatural scarer at least doesn’t tread on the expected genre trope of the found footage angle – something that this type of narrative could easily have adopted. A film that unfortunately lets itself down…

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Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Review: Sex, Lies and Betrayal is an intimate memoir of a Hollywood Star

In the comfortably chic apartment “La Vie En Rose” cackles on the gramophone. “A life in pink”, as it translates. “Miss Nightingale” swishes through the sheer curtains to fix the crack in the record. Karla Hillam is Miss Nightingale and her voice and looks are perfect for the role. A shock of red hair falls…

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