Day: 26 April 2020

Is the new Netflix film Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth worth watching?

Extraction sees Aussie Chris Hemworth team up with writer Joe Russo (of the Russo Brothers) and debut director Sam Hargrave for a brutal and bloody action thriller for Netflix. This isn’t a unique story, it sees a teenage kid of a Mumbai drug lord get nabbed and held for ransom by an opposing drug lord….

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Recipe: Sydney Sling from The Fullerton Hotel

During these unprecedented times, when staying at home is of the utmost importance, us here at The AU Review are going to be doing everything we can to help readers live their best lives, indoors. As with many other media companies who typically focus on getting folks out and about, we’re shifting to adapt to…

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Epson EF-100 Projector Review: Immersive, dazzling, expensive

A large amount of tech news is dominated by updates and chatter about televisions. From improvements to size and resolution, they’re getting bigger and cheaper. Televisions are the immediate consideration for your home. Epson has released their EF-100 projector to make you rethink that choice. It wants you to be thinking about impressive display and…

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