Day: 23 May 2015

Vivid Live Review: Sufjan Stevens – Sydney Opera House (22.05.15)

Photo: Daniel Boud It’s the hardest part of being an artist – letting go of your work – and Sufjan Stevens lets go all the way. In the first of his performances for Vivid 2015, he transformed the Concert Hall into a mesmerising montage of his life’s narrative. First thought when the lights came on…

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Look at this crazy mousepad that can pulse in 16.8 million different colours if you want

Razer have unveiled their new hard gaming mouse mat with a wealth of crazy built-in lighting effects. It’s called the Firefly. The Firefly uses a lighting feature built by Razer called Chroma that can deliver 16.8 million colour options and a bunch of different effects to use them with like pulse, reactive, weave and spectrum…

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Film Review: Poltergeist (USA, 2015)

While not exactly a shot-for-shot re-make, Gil Kenan’s version of classic supernatural-horrorPoltergeist sticks fairly close to the original, at least when it charges into the brunt of the action. The 1982 original, from horror masterminds Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg, has been cemented into popular culture so the story should be familiar to most. You…

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