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Theatre Review: The Illusionists 1903 - Arts Centre State Theatre, Melbourne (02.01.15)

As I entered the Arts Centre’s State Theatre with a hoard of people old and young, I could imagine a time long past where the magicians, illusionists, and freaks of the world held centre stage as they shocked and tantalised their audiences worldwide. A time without t.v or internet, where the prime form of entertainment stood in front of you in all their grandeur. ‘The Illusionists 1903’ propelled us back into an era where magic and mystique hung thick in the air, and nothing was quite as it seemed.

Arts Review: "Ballet Revolución" from Cuba - State Theatre, Sydney (Touring Nationally through July 21st)

Ballet Revolución is a smooth fusion of classical ballet, contemporary dance and modern hip-hop, set to a rhythmic Cuban vibe. This talented company of dancers show off their athletic talents with the help of a live band, who take some current chart topping favourites and mould them into their own for the performances.

Photo Gallery: The Water Diviner World Premiere, Red Carpet - State Theatre, Sydney (02.12.14)

The Water Diviner saw its world premiere go down at the State Theatre in Sydney last night, with Australian personalities as well as the likes of Russell Crowe and Olga Kuylenko all taking to the red carpet. Nathan Atkins was there for the AU!

Arts Review: Confucius, a Dance Drama - State Theatre (18.11.14)

Often referred to as The Sage, Confucius is a staple in Chinese tradition and belief. In a celebration of the wisdom and life journey of the iconic sage 60 dancers of the China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre bring his story to life. It is the story of a man who so drastically changed the moral and political landscape of China, and fought to bring harmony and wisdom to the court and people of China in the face of a discordant world and faltering King.

Theatre Review: Red Bull Flying Bach - State Theatre, Sydney (National Performances Through October 9th)

Red Bull Flying Bach

The excitable crowd really sets the scene for this highly energetic performance, where classical music meets breakdance in a fierce explosion of athleticism and skill. Enthusiastic cheers greet the dancers as soon as the lights begin to dim, with call outs and whoops being heard above the first notes of Bach struck by live pianists on either side of the stage.

Theatre Review: White Rabbit, Red Rabbit - Studio Underground, Perth (Performances through 13th September)

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit, the final instalment in Perth Theatre Company’s 2014 season, is not your average night at the theatre. Written by Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour, White Rabbit, Red Rabbit is more akin to performance art than traditional theatre. Each night a different unsuspecting performer takes up the challenge of acting out Soleimanpour’s script, a script which they are seeing for the first time when taking to the stage.

JK Entertainment presents 'The Vocalists Live in Sydney'

JK Entertainment presents the three Korean vocalists JK Kim Dong-wook, Sohyang and Lee Young-hyun live at the State Theatre in Sydney on Saturday the 11th of October.

Comedy Review: Dave Chappelle - State Theatre, Sydney (05.03.14)

It's not too often you get to say "well now that's something I never thought I'd see". I guess the last time was when Neutral Milk Hotel came to town, fulfilling many dreams of my high school years. And tonight was something of a similar feeling. Having never performed shows outside of North America before, comedian Dave Chappelle was like an illusive unicorn and/or wilderbeast (let's make this sound more masculine) who Australians never thought they'd get to catch. But against all odds (and with the help of some hefty dollar signs), that moment has come, and the response from crowds has been nothing short of overwhelming.

Photo Gallery: Eddie Vedder - State Theatre (11.02.14)

Eddie Vedder played the first of his three sold out solo performances at the State Theatre in Sydney last night. Photos by Johnny Au.

Live Review: Eddie Vedder + Glen Hansard - State Theatre, Sydney (11.02.14)

Some gigs are really hard to put into words. It's that "look, I don't know how to tell you this, but you weren't there and you really missed out" sort of feeling. You don't want to come off a dick, but at the same time, you know it's true. And nothing you can say in words can replicate that feeling. It's the connection with the crowd, it's the energy in the air - it's the banter that time forgot. This is what a night with Eddie Vedder is like, returning to the State Theatre for his first solo tour in three years, following a few weeks on the road with Pearl Jam and the Big Day Out.

Sydney Festival Live Review: Sun Ra Arkestra - State Theatre, Sydney (18.01.14)

Their spiritual leader may no longer be with us, but Sun Ra Arkestra are determined that the legacy of the ineffable Sun Ra lives on. Sydney Festival placed the iconic Jazz ensemble in the gorgeous State Theatre for a 90 minute performance that ended in a deafening standing ovation, and the perfect feel of what the seminal Sun Ra has achieved.

Photo Gallery: Human Nature - The State Theatre, Sydney (18.12.13)

In the spirit of the season, Human Nature played a series of Christmas classics to a packed audience at The State Theatre. Our photographer Jason Li was there to capture all the action!

Comedy Review: Anh Do + Matt Elsbury - State Theatre, Sydney (06.11.13)

Never before has a show made an audience laugh, cry and then sent them away so happy. But there is only one happiest refugee. And there is only one Anh Do. He is the comedian whose stand-up show and recount of his incredible life story lifted the roof and the spirits of the packed audience at the State Theatre.

James Blunt announces Australian and New Zealand tour!

james blunt

James Blunt has just announced he will be returning to Australia and New Zealand in 2014! Beginning the tour in Auckland, Blunt and his band will then visit every state in Australia for a very special run of shows in May and June next year.

Sydney Film Festival Review: The Way, Way Back (USA, 2013)

The Way, Way Back was written and directed by Jim Rash and Nat Faxon, who are best known as the co-writers for the Alexander Payne helmed The Descendants, as well as playing the Dean in Community and Ben in the TV series Ben & Kate, respectively. The Way, Way Back, which premiered last Thursday night at the Sydney Film Festival, marks the duo's directoral debut, and true to their multi-tasking qualities, also features the two in small roles within the film.