Stumbled Upon #084 - Ornaments (Newcastle)

In our 84th instalment of "Stumbled Upon", we meet Ornaments from Newcastle, and chat about being friends since high school, their eclectic influences and get a sneak peak at their latest track, 'Strangers'.

Band Name:

Website / Social Media:
Facebook / Soundcloud / Triple J Unearthed

Indie, Rock

Members & their roles:
Huw Garven - guitar/vocals/percussion
Jarryd Carle - drums
Simon Eyre - bass/percussion
Daniel Pavez - guitar/vocals/percussion

What music or artists inspired you?
Radiohead/Mew/Tame Impala/Alt-J/the Beatles

How did the band get started?
We started in high school together, playing in various bands throughout the time at school soirees and music events. This is the band that has stuck through thick and thin with each other, we understand each other's style and embrace our individuality to create a sound that is honest to us. We're literally the four best friends anybody could ever have, contrary to what The Hangover might have implied.

How would you best describe your live show:
Primitive energetic moods moulded with passion

What shows do you have coming up?
Keep an eye on Facebook for more dates.

Tell us about your latest release:
'Strangers' - the song could be described as a mechanical mixture of rhythms and melodies that create a certain tension throughout, releasing itself into a euphoric climax in the closing minute. The idea behind the lyrics imply that a person can withhold a lot of pressure within, so much so that they may disregard the outer world, the world which essentially serves them and their needs. It's about giving back to the stranger world that exists outside of your own consciousness and reality.

Where can I get your music?
Facebook / Soundcloud / Triple J Unearthed


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