Music Video Monday feat. The Preachers, Evil Eddie, Jebediah, Boy in a Box, Dead Letter Chorus and Jeff The Brotherhood

We're back with another Music Video Monday - this week falling on a long weekend! So we're hoping you're having an amazing day off. We'll kick things off with Brisbane's Evil Eddie and his catchy track "(Somebody Say) Evil".

Sydney band The Preachers, are next, who have brought us their new video for "Pale Rider" from their The 66 Project, directed by Tara Cook with styling from Saint Augustine Academy. If you like this track, give "The Thrill" a listen and a download, too, HERE. The group will be in the USA in September recording new material.

One band that needs no introduction is Jebediah. Here's their new video for "Control", directed by Samuel Kristofski.

Making waves at the moment are Melbourne's Boy in a Box. Check out their new video "Glitter, Gold, Ruin" here:

Next up, we have a lovely music video for "Yellow House" by Sydney group Dead Letter Chorus, off their forthcoming album Yearlings due out July 2011 on ABC/Universal. The video was Directed by Emma Tomelty for Cooper St. Films.

Finally, our token international band of the day is Jeff The Brotherhood, out of Tennessee, who have released a psychedelic new video full of wailing guitars and epic live footage... It's called "Hey Friend".

We hope you enjoyed our mix bag of music videos this Monday! We hope you've all had a fantastic long weekend and we'll catch you again soon!