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Music Book Review: Dina Santorelli's "Daft Punk: A Trip Inside The Pyramid" (2014)

Dina Santorelli’s A Trip Inside The Pyramid takes you on a journey through time, traversing the origins of modern EDM and the enigmatic duo that began it all: Daft Punk. Through a combination of show-stopping photographs and tell-all paragraphs, a decade-spanning history has been condensed into a must-read for all fans of the cosmic pair.

New release CDs and Books deliver last minute Christmas gift ideas for fans of The Beatles

Hardly a year goes by without the release of new Beatles related material. Be they compilation albums, books, covers, gimmicks... it seems there's always something to keep fans of the iconic British band happy. At this point though, unless McCartney or Ringo bring out some new auto-biography, filled with never before known details, is there really anything new we can take from these releases? Probably not. But that doesn't stop them from coming out, and nor should it. With music as good as it was (and is) there's no reason we shouldn't continue to celebrate it - and creative minds continue to think of new ways to do so.

Reading with the AU: Oliver Burkeman - The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can't Stand Positive Thinking (2013)

For anybody struggling — whether it’s with sickness, relationships, or finishing that last task for your boss — phrases like “but it’s not that bad” and “you’ll be fiiiiiiine” are sometimes more harmful than helpful. Guardian journalist Oliver Burkeman seeks to challenge these frustrating fragments of advice with what he calls “the negative path to happiness” — an empowering yet firmly realistic view that can actually be useful.

the AU interview: Jesse Bering - Author of Perv: The Sexual Deviant in all of Us (USA, 2013)

From the author of Why is the Penis Shaped Like That - Jesse Bering - comes the new book PERV: The Surprising Science of Sexual Deviance. It's a fascinating read that runs with the following concept: if a generation ago homosexuals were put on the same level as pedophiles or those who engage in bestiality (and let's be frank: for some nutjobs, they still use such analogies), why should we not offer those who do engage in such activities the same scientific courtesy as the rest...

Reading with the AU: John McBeath - What Westerners Have For Breakfast (2013)

This is the travel diary of author John McBeath, chronicling the time he and his partner spent living in Goa in the mid 80s. They found themselves in the midst of a tourist boom and got into the industry just in time.

Reading with the AU: Anna Romer - Thornwood House (2013)

Romer’s debut novel is a murder mystery spanning four generations, set against the unique landscape of the Australian outback. It’s an ambitious project, and while it’s not without it’s weaknesses, the end result is an engaging story that would appeal to fans of suspense and stories about family secrets.

Reading with the AU: Peter Goldsworthy - His Stupid Boyhood (2013)

Peter Goldsworthy may be one of Australia’s most accomplished writers, but you wouldn’t know it from the title he’s chosen. Or perhaps you would: this self-deprecating mood colours his memoir — from the bizarre range of childhood obsessions to the first fumblings of adolescence — with sunny, occasionally glaring insight that can only be attained through years of reflection, and skill with words.

Reading with the AU: The CSIRO & Baker IDI Diabetes Recipe Book

Diabetes – and the type II variety in particular – is becoming increasingly common. There are now more than 1.5 million Australians with the disease and this number is set to double in the next five to 10 years. In the past, when people were diagnosed they were often told they would have to cut out sugar from their diets. But The CSIRO and Baker IDI Diabetes Recipe Book looks set to challenge some of that thinking.

Photo Gallery: The Fashionable Cocktail by Jane Rocca - Book Launch - Reader's Feast Bookstore (27.08.13)

Jane Rocca, author of The Cocktail + Cocktails and Rock Tales, launched her latest tonight: The Fashionable Cocktail.

Reading with the AU: Cyndi Lauper & Jancee Dunn - A Memoir (2013)

For such a quirky and creative individual, the title to Cyndi Lauper’s autobiography seems so safe and boring. Simply titled, A Memoir, on reflection it could’ve been named Things The Grandchildren Should Know, except that Mark Oliver Everett from Eels had already used it. In Lauper’s book she proves to be the world’s kookiest agony aunt, reflecting on most aspects of her life and offering up advice in spades.

Reading with the AU: Koraly Dimitriadis - Love and Fuck Poems: The Deluxe Edition (2012)

Sexually repressed, separated Greek girl on a rampage. There’s no love here, just fucks. But is she fucking him or fucking herself? Koraly Dimitriadis’ work was first published as a zine in 2011. It quickly sold out of stores. Now reissued as a book with extra poems, her first erotic verse novel strips itself down, pulls you close, and explodes — both with you, and at you.

Reading with the AU: Toni Jordan - Nine Days (2012)

The fluidness of past and present in some texts can be an absolute failure. They can be convoluted and superfluous. Whereas other works of the written word can show the lines, nonlinear and otherwise, that connect characters and in turn demonstrate how we too can connect to others.

Reading with the AU: Mark Tedeschi - Eugenia (2013)

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. And never has this been more apparent than in the case of Eugenia Falleni. Her story is a true one, about a woman that lived as a man at the turn of the twentieth century in Australia. Gender Identity Disorder was not widely acknowledged, even though the tale does share a few things in common with a film set in a similar time, Albert Nobbs. Falleni was charged with the murder of her first wife, Annie Birkett (one of two spouses that Falleni would trick into believing she was a man).

Reading with the AU: Janette George & Tyson Hunter - Coffee Encounters: Adventures to Origin (2013)

The question isn’t ‘why is there a book about coffee’; the question is ‘why wasn’t there a book about coffee earlier?’