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British India, Dallas Crane and more taking over The Espy for the St. Kilda Festival in February.

The St. Kilda Festival is kicking off for another year next month and The Espy has now announced a rocking line up of bands to coincide with the festival! Taking over the basement of the iconic venue on February 9th will be a bunch of bands and artists who are guaranteed to entertain.

Gig Announcements: Creepshow Festival, Rebecca Barnard, My Friend The Chocolate Cake, Bedside Lights and more!

In this issue: Some of Melbourne's creepiest are set to play the Creepshow Festival at the Espy, Rebecca Barnard takes to the stage at The Flying Saucer Club in Perth, My Friend The Chocolate Cake to play a one off show at the Willamstown SubStation and more!


Photo Gallery: Falls Music Festival Day 2 - Lorne (29.12.11)

Day Two of the Falls Festival in Lorne saw over a dozen artists perform in the beautiful sunshine on the Valley Stage, including none other than CSS, pictured above. The Village was a place for artists to meet, mingle and create. Our photographer John Goodridge was there to capture the action.