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15 of the Best Hip-Hop Posse Cuts

A posse cut was a common occurrence in 90’s hip hop and added to the uniqueness of the genre, emphasising that it is a culture much bigger than just rap; it is a movement, heavily dependent on collectives. You had artists frequently crossing paths and working together; constantly making and breaking alliances and competing with each other. This created one big, entertaining narrative around hip-hop, and it’s something which has been much too scattered post-2000.

New Music Video: T.I Feat Lil' Wayne - "Wit' Me" (2013)

Ahead of their joint tour in the states, T.I has released a new track with long-time collaborator Lil' Wayne. Who went the hardest? We're thinking tip has this one.

Eminem + Lil' Wayne - Sydney Football Stadium (04.12.11)

It’s a pretty big deal when one of the biggest names in popular music comes to our shores after a decade of absence. As soon as a down-under Eminem tour was announced the excitement reached fever pitch and stayed there throughout the lead-up to what has undoubtedly been the biggest music event this year (despite how many hipsters scoff at his mainstream appeal).

Compliation Album: Punk Goes Pop III (2010 LP)

I don't particularly understand the driving point of these constant, seemingly ubiquitous 'Punk Goes Pop' releases. They don't do these mash-up crossovers with many other genres, do they? I am yet to see 'Tekkers goes Grindcore 6' or 'Baroque goes Drone 4'.