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Album News Weekly: 19th August 2015

In This Issue: This week sees the return of k-os as well as a bundle of debuts, solos and independent releases with some song link tid bits to get into!

15 Artists not to miss at Canadian Music Week 2015 from Australia, Canada and all around the world!

In just a few hours, Canadian Music Week will kick off in Toronto, bringing with it an incredible array of artists from all over the globe (hundreds in fact), taking over dozens of venues around the city for nine nights. Australia is the lucky "Spotlight Country" this year, meaning there are more Australian artists on show than ever before, but the musicians worth checking out reach far beyond our own borders. Today on the AU, before we head North to cover the festival's final four nights next week (and throw a party of our own), we're bringing you ten artists who we think are must sees. Some names you may be familiar with, and others you'll likely be meeting for the first time. In no particular order they are:

New Music Video: K-OS "Turn Me Loose" (2014)

Canadian rapper K-OS is back with "Turn Me Loose", a great track backed by a great city in the excellent music video. The track is taken from his new album Can't Fly Without Gravity, out early 2015. Watch below and enjoy: