Watch: Stefan Hunt’s short film We’re All Going To Die released online after touring the world

In September last year, the art festival We’re All Going To Die premiered in Sydney. Founder Stefan Hunt is promoting his message and encouraging people across the globe to “Fear less and live more”. WAGTD is a creative community in place to remind you to celebrate life through the lens of death, using art to spark conversations and to create ground-breaking experiences. The ultimate goal is to shift the role fear plays in one’s life.

The sold out art festival went on to also be held in Auckland, Byron Bay and Los Angeles. It offered interactive experiences, films, talks and dancing. Focussing on the self-discovery and anxieties, the festival-goers were asked to design their own tombstone, and involved in group talks. The simple and existential philosophy behind it is supposed to change the punters’ way of looking at life.

“Three years ago I was the one on the couch, crippled by fear. But this poem, this film, this project has changed all that. Reminding myself I’m going to die has shifted my approach to life.” – Stefan Hunt (Director & Founder of We’re All Going To Die)

Stefan Hunt is not only the founder of the festival but also an Aussie filmmaker. For the debut of the event, he produced and shot a short film adapted from the original concept book of the foundation, We’re All Going To Die. The movie asks what life is to you, through colours, imagination and humour.

The fantastically weird flick has been touring exclusively with the festival, but now it is finally going to be released online. For everyone who missed out on the event, the short film will be available on Stefan Hunt’s Website from today.

And you can watch it here: