TV Series Review: Class of ‘07 is a refreshing and riotously funny celebration of female friendship

  • Caitlin Scott
  • March 23, 2023
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Class of ‘07 is an apocalyptic comedy set during a ten-year reunion at an all-girls high school, which soon becomes the only surviving part of a sunken Sydney. It could have easily been terrible. The eight-episode Prime Video series had big ambitions, with an ensemble cast, multiple complex storylines, flashbacks, and an end of the world scenario—a combination that would’ve been hard to pull together even if they had a massive budget. But somehow, it worked, and it was a damn good time.

Class of ‘07 managed to balance the intense realities of being stranded—like the impact of their lost families and the predictable threat of cannibalism—with the comedic (and often heartfelt) drama of the forcibly reunited schoolmates. And it seems like the secret to executing this genuineness was through a powerhouse cast.

There were dozens of women trapped in the hilltop school after the tidal wave, but about ten made up the main cast, including Zoe (Emily Browning) and Amelia (Megan Smart)—the childhood friends with the necessary decade-long feud—the no-nonsense, career-obsessed Phoebe (Steph Tisdell), and the steely ex-queen bee Saskia (Caitlin Stasey). These four actresses gave stand-out performances, creating depth in characters which could have become stereotypes. But the overall chemistry of the whole cast was the magic behind the show, with interactions that would be relatable for any woman and dynamics that ground the story in something real.

Even though the special effects (creating a school surrounded by ocean) were reasonably good and didn’t detract from the believability too much, the script was what ensured the show didn’t dip into cringe and melodrama. The dialogue was quick and hilarious, perfectly capturing the cutting remarks women often make to each other—with gems like ‘Feminism won’t power the generator, Zoe’—and introducing the relationships in intriguing and clever ways, rather than using too much exposition.

Class of ‘07 constantly subverted expectations, as the women dealt with the crisis in funny—and painfully true to life—ways. One particularly priceless scene involved all of the women sitting at a long dining hall table eating pancakes on their first morning after the apocalypse, some sob loudly while others stare blankly at their plates, it’s pure genius. Other developments included the ‘mandatory emotional release hour’ and one woman fashioning a makeshift therapist from a mop and some glasses. However, the show became truly engaging by including other themes as well, like the thread of darkness hinting at past trauma experienced in the school and ideas about the importance of female friendship. These aspects gave the show depth and encouraged you to root for the characters’ survival.

Of course, there are a few plot holes, like how they all found clothes that fit, why there are so many batteries available, and where they found clean water… But the generally lighthearted nature of the show means that these are easily forgiven. In some ways, it seems like the creators just decided to have fun and took you along for the ride. 

Although there are the all-important darker themes to create a well-rounded story, the real joy comes from watching a group of painfully relatable women find bizarre ways to survive—set to the tunes of early 2000s Aussie anthems. It’s nostalgic, hilarious escapism that’s best watched with your friends, preferably as an all-night binge session.


Class of ‘07 is available to stream on Prime Video now.