TV Review: New Girl – Season 3 Episode 18 “Sister III” (USA, 2014)

new girl

This week marked the end of the ‘Sister’ trilogy and the end of Abby’s time on the show, although I’m hoping to see her cameo down the track like Jess’ parents sometimes do. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the episode was that every character had some sort of development, or lesson learned – and yes, I mean all seven characters. For the sake of precision, let’s divide them into pairs.

Abby and Schmidt: Simulation was the theme of this couple. Abby pretended to settle down in numerous ways – through her relationship with Schmidt, her inspired idea to make and sell ‘jewellery’ (comes with a danger warning), and her remaining in the same place for more than a few days. This was broken by Abby’s decision, in a rare show of maturity, to spend some time living with her mother. Schmidt’s simulation, meanwhile, focussed more on the relationship aspect, as is the common theme with him, and he may have come to the realisation that he has a real problem with being alone. This, of course, means the return of Schmidt to the loft!

Jess and Nick: In an attempt to replicate Abby and Schmidt, Jess and Nick moved into the same room to prove that they are the more stable couple. It’s no surprise that this resulted in disaster, but they proved in the end that they didn’t need to take that step to feel that they were steady as a couple. Perhaps not a great deal of progress, but that was turned on its head by Schmidt’s return, declaring that they will have to share a room, after all. Let’s hope this episode gave them enough practise. However, on that note, I’m hoping that this won’t prevent too much future interaction with the other characters, as it’s becoming weary to see Jess and Nick so often acting out the same type of storyline.

Coach and Cece: The sexual tension ends at last! It seem these two have progressed to the stage of ‘best gal pals’, complete with fake voice by Coach and frequent use of teenage-like slang – eg. “bye hater”. With Jess so often occupied with her own troubles these days, it was nice to see some classic sitcom girl-talk being slotted back into the episode, and it proved, at last, that Coach does have a feminine side. Here’s hoping this might tone down his character’s testosterone in the future. As for Cece, well, it’s just nice to see her getting a break from the usual guys-hitting-on-her storyline – although there were hints at her feelings for Schmidt. Again.

Winston and Ferguson: Okay, so Ferguson didn’t really learn a lesson, but I was too excited to see he’s not been forgotten to leave him out. He appeared briefly during one of Winston’s many workouts as Winston prepares for his police training. This, however, brings back an old fear of being ‘pantsed’ whilst hanging on the monkey bars – a fear created by our very own Nick Miller. It seems a new, confident Winston is trying to break free in these new installments of New Girl, and by the end of the episode, I think he was triumphant. It’s never quite easy to tell with Winston.


New Girl airs in Australia on Channel Ten.


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