TV Review: Danger 5 Season 2, Episode 7 (Australia, 2015)


The final episode of Danger 5 has all come down to this – the international super team has timewarped to a future world completely overrun by Hitler, called (what else?) Hitlerland.

Danger 5’s first reaction is one of panic and horror. After a bloody display in the Hitler Hat fast food joint, Holly and the Danger 5 team find themselves captured inside a spaceship run by a huge, bulked up robot Hitler, who calls himself ‘Boss Hitler’. Each member of the team has been fitted with a rather inhibiting ‘Hitler accessory’. Tucker is blinded by a grey visor strapped over his eyes, Ilsa has headphones limiting her hearing, Jackson’s hands are cuffed and Pierre has a voice translator making him speak German. Holly is on the operating table, having a bionic arm attached to her body.

The five of them almost escape, however, a mysterious ninja woman ensnares them and gets them back to the spacecraft. There, she reveals herself to be another (much more sophisticated) version of Holly! Ninja Holly explains to the others that after the fall of Dog Mountain (Hitler’s headquarters in the last episode), Hitler survived, charged with Holly’s Aryan invincible superpowers. Hitler cast the allied nations out into space and created Hitlerland. Colonel Chestbridge was pecking for worms when he discovered one of the Nazi super embryos prepared by the scientists. Chestbridge swallowed the test tube and later laid the egg and raised up the child to be an elite fighter – that is, Ninja Holly, or ‘Danger 1’. The Colonel sent Ninja Holly to get the others so that she could combine forces with them to overpower Hitler.

Unfortunately, Regular Holly’s bionic arm is being controlled from a central computer by Hitler and he uses it to point at Ninja Holly’s head and explode it clean from her shoulders. Pierre has realised that Hitler is controlling the bionic arm, but he can’t communicate this to the others in English. Watching from a monitor, Hitler sends his henchmen – two robots called Rewind and Megabite – to subdue Pierre and Jackson. The two of them are taken away from the others and end up on a generic sitcom set, with a laugh track in the background. Hitler comes on the scene in a sweater vest. The show is called ‘Hitler’s Haus’ and it’s sheer hell for Pierre and Jackson.

Meanwhile, Ilsa has called on the help of the Mighty Pelican (one last charm on her magical bracelet), to show her the way. She takes the spaceship into hyper warp and lands in the house of the Russian warriors – Greg the Pelican, a herring who plays a lute and a bearded man whose huge grey beard covers his entire body. The warriors agree to help fight against Hitler, but only if they all feast first!

Tucker, still blinded by his Cyclops visor, is tackling a slippery corncob at the feast when an apparition of Hitler floats before him. This ghostly Hitler takes Claire’s voice as his own, tricking Tucker into thinking that his late wife is there, and warning him that the Russian warriors are working for the Nazis. They kiss (eww!) and Tucker saves the Claire ‘ectoplasm’ for later, before taking it upon himself to kill the Russian warriors. Ilsa is pissed.

Luckily for Greg the Pelican, he flew away into space with Holly on his back before Tucker could get at him. Greg and Holly crash land into Colonel Chestrbidge’s home, where Holly breaks the news of Ninja Holly’s death to Chestbridge. Rewind and Megabite storm into the house, but the Colonel acts fast, shooting them both dead. Chestbridge and Holly climb into the henchmen’s carcasses as disguises and make their way to Boss Hitler’s spaceship.

Ilsa and Tucker have ended up at the sitcom set where Jackson and Pierre are slowly going insane. Seeing the sitcom Hitler, Ilsa breaks a wine bottle over the back of his head. But instead of killing him, it just reveals a wire or two, outing this Hitler as a cyborg! Chestbridge and Holly arrive on the scene and Chestbridge pulls out the power source to the sitcom, taking it off the air.

Colonel Chestbridge hands the Danger 5 team five coloured rings, charged with the power of God mode. Ninja Holly was to be the fifth ring-wearer, and even though Regular Holly desperately wants to take her place, Chestbridge insists it be himself. Suddenly, Boss Hitler crashes through the door and slices both of Chestbridge’s hands off! Holly takes his ring and once she has it on her finger, she and the Danger 5 team become decked out in Power Ranger style spandex and helmets.

A big shoot-out ensues between Hitler, his dog-headed minions and the Danger Rangers. The team bands together to assemble the Danger Canon using each of their power objects – Pierre’s ‘Danger Box’ (a boom box), Jackson’s ‘Danger two by four’, Ilsa’s ‘Danger Dragon’, Holly’s ‘Danger Meal’ and Tucker’s ‘Danger Head’, (good old Claire, still hanging in there with the help of some duct tape).

The blast from the Danger Canon severely damages Boss Hitler, who is blown apart to reveal an old, spotty-skinned Hitler underneath. The Danger Rangers lock Hitler in a capsule that launches him out to space, where he drifts into the mouth of a huge starry Claire ghost, who eats him.

Success! Hitler has been beaten and the Danger 5 team celebrates with cocktails before going back to their own respective (and slightly bizarre) normal lives. The final scene of the episode is oddly funny but also leaves things on a sour note – poor Pierre has jumped into bed with a married woman and becomes a victim in a double murder-suicide when the husband discovers them. Hmm. Perhaps, there’s another new Pierre planned for the next season…

What an episode to go out on! This season of Danger 5 was wildly fun, packed full with references to 80s and 90s pop culture and it managed to execute the entertaining overarching story throughout the entire season, as well as the self-contained stories in each of the episodes. The Danger 5 team travelled all over the world, kicking the asses of Nazis in all different guises – priests, zombies, high school jocks, dinosaurs and robots. Here’s hoping the support for this creative and hilarious Australian comedy continues and we’ll be seeing the Danger 5 team in a third season not long from now.


Danger 5 screens on SBS 2. It’s available on SBS On Demand.


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