The King of the Small Screen: There hasn’t been a year Ted Danson hasn’t been on TV since 1975

Holy forking shirtballs! Did you know there hasn’t been a single year since 1975 that Ted Danson hasn’t been on our TV screens? It’s true! The American actor, currently appearing as Michael on the third season of NBC/Netflix’s The Good Place, has not shied away from the limelight over all these years. As a result, we think it would be fair to call him the King of the Small Screen… Is there anyone else who even comes close? Here, we’ll be going through some of his previous roles on television, dating all the way back to good ol’ 1975.

1975 – 1980

In his first years, Ted Danson starred in TV series Somerset (1975–1976) and as a doctor on the soap The Doctors (1977–1982), as well as starring in television films The Woman’s Room (1980) and Once Upon a Spy (1980)

1980 – 1990

Throughout these five years, Ted Danson appeared in the TV series Benson (1981), Magnum, P.I (1981), Taxi (1982) and Tucker’s Witch (1982), but truly cemened his status as a legend of the small screen as Sam Malone in the long-time running American sitcom Cheers (1982–1996).

1990 – 2000

As Cheers finished up, Ted Danson appeared in numerous TV series, including The Simpsons (1994), Frasier (1995), Gulliver’s Travels (1996) and Pearl (1997). But it wouldn’t be long until he was regularly on our screens once again, playing the main character in another long-running American sitcom, Becker (1998–2004).

2005 – 2010

After Becker, Ted Danson found himself playing in TV series Heist (2006), Help Me Help You (2006–2007), Damages (2007–2010) and Bored to Death (2009–2011).

2010 – present

Over the past eight years, Ted Danson has starred in TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2011–2015), CSI: NY (2013), Fargo (2015), CSI: Cyber (2015–2016), The Good Place (2016–present) and Find Your Roots (2017).

In Australia, Season Three of The Good Place airs Fridays on Netflix.