The Iris Interview: Stanislav Ianevski (Bulgaria) from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

The Supanova Pop Culture Expo has recently wrapped up its Brisbane leg, bringing some awesome talent from the fields of TV, film, graphic novels, comics and more to Australian fans. One such member of the guest lineup is Stanislav Ianevski, also known to many Harry Potter fans as the Durmstrang Champion, Viktor Krum. The actor, who played the role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, recently chatted with me before he got on a flight to Australia from Bulgaria about the convention, Australian fans and how he’s changed since his last visit.

Thanks so much for your time! You’re going to be back in the country for Supanova this year; you must be looking forward to getting back over this way?

Absolutely! First of all, thank you for having me on this – I’m very looking forward to coming back to Australia, especially because it is summer over there, isn’t it?

We’re almost there, but yeah, it is getting warmer! You’ll definitely be able to get some sunshine.

That is good, because winter is kicking in here. [Laughs] It’ll be nice to get some sunshine back.

Definitely! I know that it’s not your first time over here, so what is it about Australians and the country that’s kept you coming back?

You know, when I was getting invited to come back to Australia, I was like, ‘Definitely, yes’! Although, I must say that this is the biggest and most destroying flight of my life! [Laughs] I mean, it’s the longest and it’s huge. I mean, I take off today [Tuesday] and I land on Thursday. It’s only Tuesday morning over here, so the flight is a nightmare more than anything else. I’m really looking forward to going back though.

At least you know that the trip will be worth it, right?

Oh absolutely, yes. As soon as I land in Australia, I’ll be like, ‘That’s it’!

Awesome! Now obviously, people will know you from the Harry Potter series and I suppose, the fans that are getting along to Supanova this year are going to be so stoked to have you representing for this fandom. Thinking about the amount of time between visits and indeed, the amount of time that’s passed since the …Goblet of Fire, it’s great that you can still be travelling around the world and talking about the experience.

Absolutely; it’s all been thanks to the fans, it’s all for them. We wouldn’t get to do what we do. You know, I always say this; it’s the fans who give us all these opportunities. If you don’t get the support they give us, then we are basically no one. People come and go and they will keep the Harry Potter saga going on and living on. I’m just blessed that I was given the chance to play Viktor Krum.

Definitely. It’s funny, when I found out I’d be talking with you, I had an urge to watch the movie and I’ve not watched it in years! I was thinking, ‘Wow, I was only a teenager when this first came out…’ it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago. Having been in the film, does it feel like it’s been long?

Yeah! I was thinking the same thing last night with a friend and you know, going back in time…god I was about 20 years old back then and I’m 28 now. It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago.

I would imagine it’s a bit of a buzz to know that it’s a film that is part of a series that is going to be finding new bunches of fans year after year.

Yes! Like I said, this is a blessing that we have, which is very nice. You get to meet new people and it’s good to see people appreciating your work and actually liking what you’ve done.

For sure. So, in terms of what you might be doing now, can you tell me about what you’ve been up to recently?

Last time I came over, I was filming a TV show called Undercover and unfortunately I got killed in it! [Laughs] I played a personal security guard and part of a mob, and I was the boss’s main security guard. They expanded my role, making me in charge of the nightclubs and stuff and then I was given a call by the police and you know, there were suspicions that I was betraying the gang, so eventually I got killed in the TV show! I did that back then and I’ve got a few things…I’ve recently signed up with a new casting agent, which is quite nice. I’ve been moving things back because I’m coming to Australia first, so once I’m done with Australia and I come back, I’ll do a few TV shows and films. Hopefully that’s what I’ll be doing.

Great! When I was looking up some past interviews you’ve done over the years, I gathered that you had an interest in working behind the camera, as well as being an actor. Is directing and writing still an interest of yours?

Yes, absolutely! I mean, at some point, all actors do directing and some work behind the scenes. I’d love to go behind the camera and actually be the director or something. You know, I still think I’m a little too young for this now! [Laughs]

Well, working in the field that you work in, having so many different creative outlets to explore…that’s pretty cool.

Oh yeah! Every project and every scene and every meeting is giving us more and more of an idea of what we might go and do in the future. I don’t know, when we were filming Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireMike Newell told me that I should go into directing because I had the vision, so maybe I’ll take his advice!

Well, you’re only 28, so you’ve got plenty of time to figure all of that out.

Oh yeah!

Well, I think that’s basically all I had for you today! When you were announced on the Supanova lineup for Brisbane and Adelaide, I saw a huge positive reaction online. I’m really interested to be getting along to the convention in Adelaide this year and see how the panels and things go down; no doubt they’ll be entertaining as ever!

Yeah, it’ll be great fun! Every time I go to an event, I’m bigger because I train a lot and I like that. I’ve got stuff to show the fans now – I’ve gained weight and I’m bigger, the last time I was built like a bodybuilder! Everybody was like, “Oh come on please, flex, we want a picture of you flexing”. [Laughs] It’s always fun; I’ve got two new tattoos and you know, I’m a 110 kilos, I weighed myself yesterday so I’m bigger than I was before – I think they like that.

Excellent, I’ve got tattoos myself, so I know how exciting they can be!
Oh yeah! I’ve got them halfway down to my elbows and I’ve got my back done.
Cool! Well on that note, I’ll let you go – best of luck with the flight over and I’ll see you in a few weeks.

Yes, thank you very much. I’ll see you there!

The Supanova Pop Culture Expo visits Adelaide on November 15-17. Check out for further information!


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