The inaugural Wollongong Fringe Festival announces a stand out film program

From the 23rd of September to the 2nd of October, Yours & Owls will be holding this year’s Wollongong Fringe Festival. It will acknowledge the town for its culture in film, music and the creative arts with plenty of events and experiences for visitors of all kinds.

With the festival running for 9 days, attendees can enjoy an outdoor cinema (located at the Wollongong Arts Precinct), showing local and international film favourites. There will also be some live entertainment lined up with special appearances by Ryan & Jade of popular 90s series Cheese TV!

If you’re keen to check out what films are lined up for the Wollongong Fringe Festival, you can check out the schedule below!

Friday (Sept 23)Big Boys Club @ Arts Precinct

This film has been shot over the last four years and tells a story of adults spending their weekends riding around wooden toys. It features them skateboarding in and around the Illawarra area. Music featured in the film includes David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Nick Cave and The Smiths.

Saturday (Sept 24) Ex-Machina @ Arts Precinct

A 26-year old programmer named Caleb wins a competition from the largest Internet company in the world.  His prize is to spend a week at a private mountain retreat owned by the CEO of the company. As Caleb arrives at the remote location, he is required to take part in an experiment where he needs to interact with a beautiful robot girl.

Sunday (Sept 25)The Royal Tenenbaums and the Life Aquatic @ Arts Precinct

The film follows the story of three grown prodigies who live with their mother at a family household. Each of them have a unique talent of some kind. Leaving the family a long time ago, their father, Royal returns and tries to make things right again.

When Royal’s partner is killed by Jaguar Shark,  Steve Zissou and his Team Zissou crew go out to find him and hunt him down. He brings along his estranged wife, a beautiful journalist and a co-pilot (possibly Zissou’s son) for the expedition.

Monday (Sept 26) – The Great Gatsby @ Arts Precinct

Directed by Baz Lurhmann, this film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s novel focuses on Midwesterner Nick Carraway who is lured by his neigbour Jay Gatsby to his lavish lifestyle. Eventually Carraway sees through Gatsby’s ways and realises the tragedy that awaits for him.

Tuesday (Sept 27)Ghostbusters 1 & 2 @ Arts Precinct

Part I: Getting kicked out of their positions at a university in New York City where they studied occult, three scientists set up a shop in an old firehouse and become Ghostbusters. In their role, they are required to capture pesky ghosts, spirits,  haunts, and poltergeists to earn an income. As they go through NYC, they discover another dimension where evil exists so the Ghostbusters are called upon to the save the city.

Part II: After five years since the events of the first film instalment, Ghostbusters are charged with hefty law suits and court orders. In addition, their business turns bankrupt. When Dana encounters more problems with ghosts, the boys help her but this results in their arrest. Later they discover that New York City is once again in danger by evil and only they can save it.

Wednesday (Sept 28) – Kill Bill 1 & 2 @ Arts Precinct

Part I: Leading character known by ‘The Bride’ (also being one of the members of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad) becomes a serial killer after finding out she is pregnant with her lover’s baby (Bill). After fleeing to Texas, she meets a young man, falls in love with him and has plans for marriage. During their wedding rehearsal, her ex-lover Bill guns him down with the help of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. Four years later, The Bride wakes up from her coma and realises that her baby has been killed. From this moment, she makes the decision of finding the five people responsible for her child’s death, plotting revenge on all of them for ruining her life.

Part II: The Bride is back and is seeking vengeance against her ex-lover Bill. Next on her hit list is Budd (Bill’s younger brother) and Elle Driver who are the last remaining people from the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. Confronting her enemies who betrayed her trust four years ago, this will be the ultimate battle for The Bride.

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