Here are all the guests coming to the 2019 Melbourne Documentary Film Festival

The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival kicks off tomorrow at Cinema Nova and Backlot, and along with it will come an impressive list of special guests. Running from the 19th to the 30th, they’ll be in town to present their films, and you can get all the details of when and where you can see the films HERE.

Here’s who you can expect at the event:

From Melbourne:

Alex Bhathal for The Candidate
Chip Monck for Woodstock: Summer Of 1969
The band Strange Tenants for Strange Tenants: Ska’d for Life

From Inter-State:

Jeremy Dylan for Tommy Emmanuel: The Endless Road
Wade Jackson for Waiting: The Van Duren Story
Greg Carey (pictured) for Waiting: The Van Duren Story
Iain Knight for Looby
Merilyn Alt for Looby
Sean Murphy for Looby
Daniel Clarke for Haunted Witness, Saving Warru and Voice from the Desert
Harriet McKern for Smile
Daz Chandler for Dreamer’s Gate
Edwin Montgomery for Dreamers Gate
Jaina Kalifa for Happy Android
Paul Cooper for Happy Android
Molly O’Connor for Running 62
Samuel Hutchinson for Flight of the LAD
Kristen Shorten for Voodoo Medics
Thibault Upton for Stuart X

From New Zealand:

Eryn Wilson for Dogs Best Friend
Roberto Nascimento for Candy’s Crush

From the United States:

Gabi Hayes and Mark Hayes for Skid Row Marathon
Jim Geiger for the Accidental Climber
Herbert Golder for Ballad of a Righteous Merchant
Harry Zernike for Thursday Fields

From Canada:

Ryan Noth for As the Crows Flies
Tess Girard for As the Crow Flies
Sean Shaul for F#ck You all the Uwe Boll Story

Head HERE for tickets and more details about the festival! And head HERE to read our reviews of select films set to appear at the festival!

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