Five possible new jobs for former Veep president, Selina Meyer, in Season Six

Our favourite former congresswoman, senator, vice-president and U.S. president, Selina Meyer is officially out of the oval office for season six of Veep, which returns to our screens next week.

As we wait to watch what her future holds on the show we thought we’d put together a list of possible jobs for the woman who can claim she was the first female U.S. president for all of five minutes, even though she’d still rather hold America’s top job.

The Apprentice

If billionaire Donald Trump can go from big business and appearing on the television show The Apprentice to the leader of the free world then we can’t see why Meyer can’t do the opposite. We reckon she’d show great chutzpah in the role and it’s a place where power and authority come with the territory, which is not unlike what she wanted from her previous role. Plus she might be able to pull a Trump card and run for president again in like 2030. Just a thought…

West Wing Tour Guide

After so many years working for the U.S. government Meyer might like a change-of-pace but also something that’s not too big a leap/change. She’s had plenty of experience playing second fiddle to the president so why not give her an official capacity where she works around a government office without being fully immersed in it?

General Manager of Dynamic Operations

Remember how we used to laugh that Chandler Bing from Friends couldn’t describe his actual work in a meaningful way to anyone else? This former U.S. president has made a career out of professional filibustering and with her specific media training (where you can say one thing and mean something completely different) it seems only natural to give her job that could mean everything and absolutely nothing at the same time.

Committee member

Did you know a camel is a horse that a committee designed? For much the same reasons that Meyer is a perfect fit for the aforementioned role of General Manger, she’d also be a great “asset” as a committee member on some such organisation or whatever. She just needs a little power and her advisors and she’ll be happy.

Life coach

This one is a personal favourite of mine where I like to imagine Meyer and her full entourage of staff trying to coach a young Dallas or Britney in ways that the youngster may excel and become a female president except that young Dallas or Britney is better suited for a job at Subway as a Sandwich artist. At least this job comes with a great title.

While it’s fun to sit down and imagine what jobs Selina Meyer might hold one day what people really want to know is what does the sixth season of Veep have in-store for fans? We’ve been given the opportunity to see the first few episodes of the much-anticipated new season and we can tell you that in true Veep fashion Meyer and Co. will be getting up to more of their funny hijinks.

Expect some discussions about how Meyer can immortalise her single-term presidency through her upcoming memoirs as well as going down that well-trodden route favoured by all former politicians i.e. via charity work (where a foundation supporting adult literacy and AIDs seems so wonderfully tongue-in-cheek) as well as media appearances, official portraits and a commemorative library. You can imagine all of the “official” merchandising options now or just tune in to the show…

The sixth season of Veep returns to US Network HBO on Sunday, April 24, local time, with fast-tracked screenings in Australia on Foxtel’s Showcase.


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