Film Review: Assume the position and get ready for a wild ride with Butt Boy

Don’t be put off by the title! Butt Boy tells the story of Chip Gutchel (Tyler Cornack, also performing double duty in the director’s chair), a bored IT engineer, who has a reawakening after a routine prostrate exam. Some harmless anal pleasure grows into a dangerous addiction, as he becomes responsible for a missing child. Look, I know what you’re thinking, but stay with me!

Things start off innocently enough, moving from Chip’s work to the family home. Though at heart a family man, Chip’s marriage (with Shelby Dash as wife, Anne) is on the rocks. Chip is bored, fed up and in desperate need of some loving. He is moody and sloth-like. Enter the prostrate exam.

The prostrate exam leaves Chip feeling more aroused than he has in a long time. But when sex with his wife does nothing to fulfil his newly-found needs, he began experimenting with items around his home. And yet, the pleasure is fleeting, and Chip becomes lost, confused and angry as his addiction worsens.

Years later, with his addiction seemingly curbed, Chip meets Detective Russell B. Fox (Tyler Rice) at an AA meeting. Chip eventually becomes his sponsor, but it turns out its not Fox who’s in danger of relapsing…

The performances are strong and believable – even with such unbelievable subject matter. Rice plays the tough, chain smoking detective role with credibility, while Cornack bring just the right amount of vagueness, confusion and butt pleasure to his roles both in front and behind the camera. I hope to see more from both of these actors in the future.

There are some hilarious (if a little uncomfortable!) montages of Chip receiving pleasure in his butt with various objects, but make no mistake – it might look like a comedy but Butt Boy is in fact a serious movie about a troubled man with serious issues… just kidding, it’s completely ridiculous, with all the most gruesome action saved for the last half hour.

Along with stellar performances and a wonderfully wild storyline, the movie’s music also stands out. Crafted by Texas band Feathers, it suits the film perfectly throughout.

Writing as a lover of horror, comedy and splatter films, this movie is up there with the best, and certainly defies expectations. Darkly funny, creepy, and a little bit weird, after watching it once, I had to resist the urge to go back and watch it all over again.

For fans of Braindead, Bad Taste or The ABC’s of Death (think F is for fart), Butt Boy is well written, well acted, and unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s got plenty up its (ahem) sleeve, and will keep you guessing right until the very end.


Butt Boy is available now on DVD/Blu-Ray and on demand through Umbrella Entertainment’s website and other select platforms (Google Play, Fetch TV)