DVD Review: Tammy (M) (USA, 2014)


Melissa McCarthy is Tammy and she is having a bad day. On her way to work, she hits a deer and wrecks her car. Because she is late, her boss Keith (Falcone) fires her. She arrives home to find her husband Greg (Faxon) having a romantic meal with neighbour Missi (Collette). She leaves Greg to go home to her mother Deb (Janney). Deb is not very comforting, so Tammy packs her bag to leave town. Grandma Pearl (Sarandon) is bored living with her daughter and so invites herself along with Tammy.

Tammy and Pearl embark on a roadtrip across more than a few states to see Niagara Falls. They have $6700 in cash (and yes that is the exact same amount JD stole from Thelma and Louise) This is going to be F.U.N.

This is going to be the smash hit chick flick of the year.


McCarthy is a one of my favourite actors and has starred in some of the funniest movies of the last few years. She was even nominated for an Oscar for Bridesmaids and I am sure she can have any project she wants green-lit and have her pick of talent. I mean check out the women in this movie… McCarthy. Sarandon. Janney. Bates. Collette. Those are some serious names, some serious talent.

So that’s why I just don’t get why she did this one.

There are some funny moments for sure, mostly involving the McCarthy and Sarandon chemistry. While McCarthy is her usual foul mouthed, smart arse personna, Sarandon is a more calm, chilled type. A full blown alcoholic and diabetic minus her meds but still a hippie at heart grandma. Even with her grey wig and drab granny clothes, Sarandon is still the sexiest broad on the block.

I think McCarthy’s schtick is getting old. What was fresh and funny in Bridesmaids is almost unbearable here. The jokes and gags are milked to the max. There is no innuendo, no metaphorical winks at the audience.

This was supposed to be a straight to DVD movie but the reality is that it’s still made about $85 million to date. People adore McCarthy, I adore McCarthy, and much like me, will go see anything she is in. I am sure nothing will change with this movie.

But Melissa is so much better than this. She doesn’t always have to be ‘on’. Much like our beloved Robin Williams, who arguably showed some of his finest moments when he brought it down a notch or two, I would love to see Melissa be brave and do something she doesn’t think she can do.

I bet she nails it…

Special Features:

Unfortunately there isn’t much to report on the special features front, only a gag reel is included on the DVD. It’s funny, but these days, if you don’t have even an audio commentary you really are struggling to make it worthy of a purchase. The Blu-Ray edition does have more to offer, including an extended cut with deleted scenes and more – but we’re only reviewing the Standard Definition DVD here. I guess that’s the future of DVD releases though, with the DVD suited towards renters and the Blu-Rays suited more towards the purchasers/collectors?

Film Review Score: TWO STARS (OUT OF FIVE)
Special Features Review: ONE STAR (OUT OF FIVE)

Tammy was released on DVD and Blu-Ray in Australia today. Film review by Sue-Ellen Lee, Special Features review by Larry Heath.


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