Aquarius Films acquires movie rights to Matt Okine’s Being Black ‘N Chicken & Chips

In partnership with Wooden Horse, award winning production company Aquarius Films has optioned Matt Okine‘s Being Black ‘N Chicken & Chips. Aquarius Films have lent their expertise to the Academy Award nominated Lion, upcoming Tim Winton adaptation, Dirt Music, and Stan comedy series The Other Guy, alongside Okine and Wooden Horse.

Okine’s debut novel draws on the loss of his mother at a young age, a tragic event that also formed the basis of his award-winning stand-up Being Black N Chicken N Shit. Being Black ‘N Chicken & Chips follows teen Mike Amon, an ordinary kid who just wants to fit in at his Brisbane high school. But when his mum is diagnosed with advanced breast and brain cancer, his mission to become one of the cool kids takes on a whole new meaning – if he can make it in the classroom, maybe his mum can make it through all this.

Okine, who is also on board to adapt the screenplay, says:

“I’m so excited to be working alongside Aquarius Films and Wooden Horse to develop the film adaptation of my debut novel, Being Black ‘N Chicken & Chips. I tell unique and personal stories, and I always endeavour to work with people I trust and know will encourage my vision, seek to push boundaries, and support my (sometimes ‘a-bit-out-there’) jokes and ideas. As a team, we’ve proved – across two seasons of The Other Guy – that we can develop and create captivating, hilarious and international content, and I can’t wait to take our next project together to the big screen.”

The feature will mark the third collaboration between the trio of Aquarius Films, Wooden Horse, and Okine. Producers Angie Fielder and Polly Staniford will represent Aquarius Films (LionBerlin SyndromeThe Other Guy) and Jude Troy will produce on behalf of her company, Wooden Horse.

Fielder and Staniford say:

“Matt’s book is a moving and hilarious rite of passage story of a teenager grappling with big issues – like all of Matt’s work it is honest, self-deprecating and very, very funny. We are delighted to be reuniting with Matt and Wooden Horse after our successful collaboration on two seasons of The Other Guy.”

While we wait for the adaptation, you can get your Matt Okine fix with season two of The Other Guy on Stan from December 13th, or by picking up a copy of Being Black ‘N Chicken & Chips – out now through Hachette!

Jodie Sloan

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