Alaina Huffman of Stargate Universe, Supernatural and Smallville speaks at the Armageddon Expo in Melbourne.


The Armageddon Expo dropped by Melbourne this weekend, providing a fun environment for geeks to well, ‘geek out’ on their favourite fandoms and share their obsessions for all things television, sci-fi, mystical and comical with other fans. On the first day, Alaina Huffman of Stargate Universe, Supernatural and Smallville fame spoke in front of a packed crowd. Here’s some of the best bits from her panel at the event:

What was you favourite scene in Supernatural?

One of my many death scenes. There isn’t really a single favourite. I did really enjoy working on Mother’s Little Helper.

With Josie, would you ever like to revisit that character and bring her back?

Yeah absolutely, I feel like if there is a storyline to continue for me on the show, it would be the Josie storyline. That to me has a lot of depth and a lot of layers and I feel that she would be a good guy and there would be this rivalry with her and Crowley. She also really spun off this really huge women of letters movement that speaks to a lot of the fan base and she has a lot of knowledge. I think she could help the guys, she would be a good guy and she would have a lot of emotion and human qualities which is always fun to play with.

Did you feel the ending for Abaddon was a good ending for Abaddon or would you like to see her come back?

Yeah totally I want to come back. I wasn’t expecting it to be honest with you, I thought there was a lot more story to tell. When they came back to me after season eight, I had only done three episodes and I didn’t realise that they didn’t really have long-term guest stars on the show. I mean it’s pretty phenomenal to think about for ten years they have only had four season regulars which is unheard of, it’s not the way it usually works, there are usually ten or twelve people, so when they asked me to come back I thought they had a big story arch but they didn’t. I think there was a lot more story to tell and a lot more rivalry between her and Crowley. I technically didn’t get a campaign speech…….

You interact on social media often, you tweet a lot and read fan’s cosplays whereas many stars don’t necessary take the time to do that. Is that something that comes naturally or is it something that you feel obliged to do?

I genuinely enjoy it. I am so impressed by the fan dedication, the fan art and the creativity. I am genuinely interested, it is amazing to me that there is this much passion behind it and I know that ‘s why the show has done so well. I have to say coming through multiple fandoms in the genre, which I wasn’t aware of prior to working in a lot of genre television, Smallville was a smaller character, a smaller role and the other cast members weren’t really into the Con circuit so I didn’t really feel that much of the fan reaction. Stargate was interesting because they hated us, people were like ‘we hate this show, get it off the air’, but then eventually people liked it but we did get a lot of negative energy from the beginning. Then I went to Supernatural and had no idea of the fandom and how welcomed I was.

What was the difference between the cast dynamics on a big cast show like Stargate Universe and the smaller cast of Supernatural?

It was the best time of my life. As much negative energy as we got from the world, it was genuinely, truly one of the best experiences of my life. I made some incredible friends, I went to work everyday and had a blast, we literally walked into a family because it was the same producers, the same creators, the same crew, the same sets as SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.

In Stargate Universe, do you know that they had planned for your character before it was cancelled suddenly?

No, I had no idea. I would love to know. I think we were just getting into the groove, as with any show the first first few episodes is about getting to know the characters and we finally got to that point where the writers had created all the dynamics for the massive cast and getting that right was a challenge but we got there but then we got cancelled.

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