5 reasons to get excited about the return of Game of Thrones for Season Four.


Winter is coming! Winter is coming! These are words that at least one person you know – if not everyone you know and yourself included – are very excited to hear. That’s because the ridiculously popular Game of Thrones will be premiering its highly anticipated fourth season Sunday night in the USA – which is Monday afternoon here in Australia. As we get excited, we bring you 5 reasons why you, too, should be excited about the new season.

Oh and if you haven’t watched the featurettes or have ignored all the coverage leading up to the new series until now, you probably should keep doing that here. But that said, none of the writers have read the books, so we’re not spoiling anything for you here. Nor do we want to spoil it for ourselves! So quiet you! But I digress…

1. The “good guys” are fighting back.

In a 15-minute featurette released earlier in the year, the infinitely adorable Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) made the vague statement that ”the Starks are coming back stronger”. We’re hoping that she means our heartache over the traumatising ‘red wedding’ will be avenged ten fold, as the remaining Starks continue to evolve, honing the skills they need to exact revenge on the many who have wronged them. I for one hope that Walder Frey and Roose Bolton have their smug faces rearranged.

2. Convergence.

Game of Thrones is one of the few shows that can break an entire group apart and keep them separated for a very long time. We barely take issue with it because there is so much going on in the series, so the writers are able to build the anticipation for certain reunions without us even realising. The prospect of our favourite characters (perhaps Jon and Bran) finding each other again is incredibly exciting, given everyone has gone on very distinct tangents since Game of Thrones first aired.

3. Focus.

Following on from reason number 2, the less splintered everyone is, the less storylines we have to follow. The beginning of season 3 suffered a bit with only a very limited time dedicated to each arc before we had to move onto the next one. With the chance of more of these character arcs slowly converging we can spend a decent amount of time with a storyline and not be spread so thin.

4. Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, etc.

Daenerys Targaryen is by far one of of the most likeable characters in the series. Her slow-burning underdog storyline continues to build up momentum as we anticipate her growing stronger and stronger until that fateful day she descends upon Westeros with her three dragons. And what’s more is that these dragons are growing as fast as Robin Williams in “Jack.” While the mythical creatures aren’t exactly 40 year old men-children, they do seem adventurous enough to wreck some serious havoc this season.

5. It isn’t just all episode 9.

Another nice little tidbit we were given in the aforementioned featurette is that the mammoth, game-changing events won’t just be found in the series’ ninth episode. Whereas the past 3 seasons have followed the trend of episode number nine being ‘the big one’, actors have indicated that season 4 will see these paramount happenings spread throughout. That should keep you on your toes!


Game of Thrones kicks off locally at the same time as it does in the USA! See it in Australia 3:30pm Monday 7th April on Showcase on FOXTEL. Who wants to invite us over for a Game of Thrones party? Anyone?


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