Live Review: Citadel + East Capri + Violent Conflict + ZUKO at Bad Luck, Brisbane (22.04.23)

Citadel (Credit: Sebastian Ionita/Seabass.Snaps)

Brisbane melodic hardcore quintet Citadel made Bad Luck in Brisbane their house of worship last Saturday night. The belated launch show for their debut album DECOMPOSE saw the band perform the record in full, with support from East Capri, Violent Conflict and ZUKO. After being postponed a week, the show at Brisbane’s newest heavy venue allured with red lighting, arcade machines and pool tables.

ZUKO (Credit: Sebastian Ionita/Seabass.Snaps)

Local hardcore five-piece ZUKO kicked the night off soon after doors with their high-energy set. Crushing breakdowns with sludgy chugs and doom-tinged riffs had a handful moshing early on. Their punchy drops and stomping grooves made you want to break stuff and, fittingly, the band closed with a blistering “Bulls on Parade” cover.

Violent Conflict (Credit: Sebastian Ionita/Seabass.Snaps)

Up next was Gold Coast experimental deathcore trio Violent Conflict, with an introduction of ‘Laptop on bass’. An ominous trap intro opened the set before being spearheaded by screamed rap vocals with digital effects and chunky riffs. Ferocious guitarwork and earth-shattering breakdowns saw the crowd push to the front for a chaotic finish.

East Capri (Credit: Sebastian Ionita-Seabass.Snaps)

When Brisbane pop-punk quartet East Capri took to the stage in leather and latex, it was clear that they have a bold creative vision beyond the music. Hip hop programming was met with big riffs and crashing drums as they launched into their upbeat set. Glossy vocals and piercing screams shone through their moody punk jams, including a rock rendition of Ariana Grande’s “Positions” and a couple unreleased tracks.

Citadel (Credit Sebastian Ionita-Seabass.Snaps)

Finally, Citadel emerged with frontman Russell Miller’s soft vocals for piano opener “Decompose” before being accompanied by the huge sound from both guitars. The relentless onslaught of the record’s heaviest track “Carnivore” summoned the pit, while “Oolacile” got the crowd jumping. Dexterous melodies and searing screams navigated the dynamic set with humorous banter between songs.

Andrew Jeffery of Grizzlyshark lent his screams for fan-favourite “Parasyte” and phone lights filled the air for slow jam “Our Sins”. Picked clean melodies and dirty chugs combined for debut single “Sundered Souls”, which saw fans in the front taking turns grabbing the mic. After repeated thanks to the other bands and venue, Citadel walked off stage before returning to give their all for a fast-paced unreleased track.

For a relatively new band, Citadel have proven to be a leader in the local heavy scene with their engaging live performance and vast musical palette. While a little late due to a hectic past year, the launch show for their debut album DECOMPOSE was well worth the wait. A stacked lineup from some of the city’s finest made for a very enjoyable night out at the coolest niche bar in Brisbane.