You can now get huge native flavour versions of lamingtons in Sydney

Since opening a Sydney flagship store late last year, Tokyo Lamington has opened up to various interpretations of the namesake treat held so dearly in the hearts and minds of Aussies nationwide. The humble lamington has seen some head-turning interpretations from the speciality dessert store, which has been introduced a “Melbourne Bushfood” series, introducing a number of lamingtons celebrating the best native flavours in the country.

Tokyo Lamington founders Min Chai (ex-N2 Extreme Gelato) and Eddie Stewart (ex-Black Star Pastry) started the brand overseas before bringing it back home, and it seems like their launch period was only the beginning to what is one of the best new casual dessert stores to hit the harbour city.

“Native ingredients are known for being sharp, stark and distinct in flavour, often reflecting the landscape of their origin”, said Chai. “Given the lamington’s Australian icon status, it seemed only right to pair this beloved cake with native herbs and spices to create the ultimate Australian dessert”.

Tokyo Lamington has tapped the expertise of Melbourne Bushfood for this collaborative series, which uses ingredients sourced from Indigenous Communities, Wild Harvesters and Small Australian Farmers to ensure a sustainable and ethical supply chain.

The series, which includes flavours like finger lime meringue, chai & pepperberry, strawberry gum & cream, and black sesame & wattle seed, is only available for two weeks (started Jan 20th), switching out the entire Tokyo Lamington menu with a total of nine new flavours. See below for official descriptions of each flavour.

OG Native Jam. Cape York Lilly Pilly Jam & Vanilla Cream, dipped in Dark Chocolate Sauce
and coated in Coconut Shreds.

Finger Lime Meringue. Finger Lime & Lime Curd, Vanilla Cream and dipped in torched Italian

Chai & Pepperberry. Date & Chai jam, Vanilla cream, dipped in White Chocolate and coated
with Coconut Shreds and Pepperberry.

Strawberry Gum & Cream. Vanilla Cream & Strawberry Gum Jelly, dipped in Vanilla Sauce
and coated with Coconut Shreds.

Lemon Myrtle Lime Bitters. Lemon Myrtle & Lime Jelly with Bitters Cream, dipped with
Lemon Myrtle Sauce and coated with Coconut Shreds.

Honey & Macadamia. Honey Butter with Toasted Macadamias dipped in White Chocolate and
coated with Coconuts Shreds and Macadamia.

Pepper Leaf & Vanilla. Vanilla & Pepperleaf Cream, dipped in White Chocolate and coated in
Coconut Shreds.

Davidson Plum & Chocolate. Davidson Plum Jam & Milk Chocolate Mousse with cacao nibs,
dipped in Dark Chocolate and coated in Coconut Shreds.

Black Sesame & Wattle Seed. Black Sesame Cream, dipped in White Chocolate and coated
with Black Sesame, Wattle Seeds, Coconut Shreds.

The native menu takeover is available until Wednesday, February 3. Each limited time only native lamington will be available in-store and online for $7.

Tokyo Lamington is located at Level 3, 9 Hay Street Haymarket 2000.

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is the Deputy-Editor-At-Large of the AU review, loves writing about travel and hospitality, and is partial to a perfectly textured octopus. You can reach him on Instagram: @chrisdsingh.