Travel Deals: Flights around Europe are going for as low as £5 right now

Every so often European budget carrier Ryanair drop their places to ridiculously low prices, opening up the continent to eagle-eyed budget-minded travellers quick enough to take advantage of the flash sales. It happened a few times last year, and these flashes are seemingly getting more and more common. There’s actually one happening right now.

And by low prices, we mean low. For example, a one-way from London Stansted to Athens on the 13th January is going for £4.40 ($7.92 AUD), and a one-way from Manchester to Porto can be snapped up for as low as $4.89 ($8.80 AUD) on 12th March. Those are some serious savings right there, so if you have any plans to be in Europe anytime soon you need to jump on this as soon as possible. Obviously, these flights aren’t going to last long as it’s only a 24-hour sale. Travel dates are between now and March.

You can view all fares and make bookings over at Thank us later.

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is an Editor-At-Large at the AU review, loves writing about travel and hospitality, and is partial to a perfectly textured octopus. You can reach him on Instagram: @chrisdsingh.