Top 10 at-home workouts for that post-iso body

After months of binge-watching Peaky Blinders and only wearing pants with elasticised waists or let’s be honest, no pants at all. I knew it was time to start salvaging my beach bod.

After all, how could I expect Cillian Murphy to run away with me when I’m sat on the couch eating dry noodles and hysterically laughing at Tiger King memes.

So I put together some fun at-home workout ideas and used my activewear for its intended purpose. It was a nice change getting all sweaty from moving my body rather than accidentally turning the heating up too high again.

Conscious Dance

For those of you that cringe at the word dance, fear not! You need zero dance experience to partake in any form of conscious dance. It’s more of a meditative practice, where you move the parts of your body that you feel need to be moved. Great for mindfulness and connecting with different aspects of your physical form. It doesn’t need to look or feel pretty (trust me it usually doesn’t), it’s just a great way to fully let go. There is absolutely no choreography involved so freestyle to your heart’s content. I often use Napoleon Dynamite as my inspiration.

Cost: From $5 to $20
Days: Wed & Thurs 7pm, Sat 10am
Class Length: 1.5hr
How: Zoom
Where: Common Roots


Dust off your old spandex leotard and neon leg warmers because it’s time for an 80’s inspired aerobic workout. Here’s a fun fact. Did you know that all the cool people were born in the 80’s? At least that’s what I tell my much younger cousins who are actually cool. But this workout is less about being cool and more about getting hot hot hot! You don’t have to dress up, but its much more fun if you do.

Cost: $26
Days: Schedule on MindBody App
Class Length: 1hr
How: Zoom

Alex Dyson’s #Dysolation Zoomba

Alex Dyson from Matt & Alex fame hosted some hilarious #dysolation live Zoomba (yes it’s a play on words) workouts these past few months. Sadly, for now, our new favourite instructor has gone into retirement. His memory lives on though, and you’ll find some of his hilarious sets at his Instagram @aedyson. Get ready to Drop the Acorn, Scratch the Dirt, and Do the Pendulum people because you’re about to work those abs extra hard from all the laughter!!

Cost: Free
Days: Anytime you like
Class Length: 30 to 40mins
How/Where: @aedyson

Groove Therapy

Ever wanted to learn how to dance in stilettos and master some beginner heel techniques? Or embrace a fun mini-choreography so that you’re ready to bust a move when clubs reopen? Then Groove Therapy is the vibe for you. Classes are aimed at adult beginners, and with a few styles to choose from you’ll be working it like Beyonće in no time. There’s even an online course for those that want to take their shoulder popping hip-shaking to the next level.

Cost: $8
Days: Fri to Sun 6/6.30pm
Class Length: 35min
How: Zoom

Popsugar Fitness

Oooh, let me tell you, my hips don’t lie when I’m swinging them in these workouts. When you’ve got sexy Latin dance, Barre, Pilates and even Boxing, the hardest part is deciding which class to choose. That’s a lie, some of them almost killed me. I was near death. I saw a white light. All free, super fun and in a range of lengths to suit your Netflix binges, and your fitness levels (I’ll know for next time).

Cost: Free
Days: Anytime you like
Class Length: All different
How: YouTube

Yoga Barn

Chances are if you’ve been to Ubud in beautiful Bali then you’ve been to the famed Yoga Barn. It’s quite the institution for locals and rightfully so, as it has some genuinely magical classes. Luckily for you, you can bring that magic straight into your living room as they are now online. Stream them live on Facebook/Instagram or check out their Facebook page for all their previously filmed classes. There’s Yin Yoga, Qi Gong, Vinyasa Flow, Chanting, Kirtan, and Meditation, to name a few. Now if only they had some sort of Harry Potter inspired Portkey to transport me to a Balinese Villa.

Cost: By Donation
Days: Full schedule available on Facebook
Class Length: All different
How: Facebook/Instagram
More Info:

Pole Divas

Feeling sassy, feeling sensual, feeling like a bit of a Sexy Floor Flow? Or perhaps a Booty Burner is more your thing? Pole Divas have created some seriously gratifying at-home workouts, and you don’t even need a pole (well that Amazon purchase was a waste). Although for those hardcore enthusiasts that do happen to have a home pole, you can grind on it to your heart’s content as all levels of pole classes are still available.

Cost: $15
Days: Each studio has different schedules
Class Length: 1hr
How: Zoom

Hip Shake Fitness

Another Youtube gold mine, Hip Shake Fitness have an entire playlist dedicated to Twerk dance workouts. Yes, you heard me correctly. So just because you’ve got your trackies on, doesn’t mean you can’t get your twerk on! All their content on Youtube is free; they also have a fantastic website where you pay monthly and get access to all of their classes.

Cost: Free
Days: Anytime you like
Class Length: All Different
How: YouTube
Where: /

Ballet Classes w/ The Australian Ballet

The Australian Ballet is now hosting online classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced dancers. So if you’ve just watched Centre Stage for the 20th time and are ready to bust out a plié, you’ll be prancing your way out of iso in no time. Each class is accompanied by live piano and taught by former dancers of The Australian Ballet. Inspired by our previous workout, I’m creating a new style of dance called Twerkallet. I’ll let you decide what it is.

Cost: $25
Days: Anytime you like. New Classes Uploaded on Tuesdays.
Class Length: Full-Length Class
How/Where: The Australian Ballet

Dixie Carter ‘Release Your Lion’

If you’ve made it this far, I think you deserve a little bit of relaxation and release. I consider Dixie Carter to be my spirit animal just as much as she considers the lion to be hers. Click HERE and thank me later!