The Wizard’s Cauldron challenges you to test your magical mettle brewing potions

There’s a brand new pop-up in Surry Hills, Sydney that is giving you an opportunity to test your magical mettle and see if you really are a witch or wizard at heart, without having to sit under an oversized floppy pointy hat. 

Stepping into The Wanderer and heading upstairs you’re greeted with floating books, goblets and glasses. Your Professor welcomes you, handing you a robe and asking you to select a wand. Apprentices will be sorted into houses consisting of up to 4 teammates and assigned a spirit animal guide.  

As the night progresses you must solve a series of riddles or puzzles in order to find the correct ingredients for your potion. Don’t be fooled though, some of these tasks can be quite tricky. And once you have those ingredients, it’s time to brew, making sure to avoid any potion botch ups! 

The experience goes for around 90 minutes, you’re loaned a robe and wand so you can look the part and it includes a warming mead or mulled wine to start the night, plus two alcoholic potions as well as possible other prizes for those savvy enough to answer the professor’s curly questions. 


For more information go to The Wizard’s Cauldron website here

Obviously goes without saying that this is strictly for witches and wizards over 18 years old!

Carina Nilma

Office lackey day-job. Journalist for The AU Review night-job. Emotionally invested fangirl.

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