Places to be Visited During Gap Year

A gap year is a chance to finally have some rest from the endless study courses. The students who have an opportunity to take a well-earned break are the lucky ones. They can restore their energy before having to grab the helm and choose a course that will lead them to a long-lasting journey at a university or college.

Through their years at school, they would address such services as WritePaper. The ‘write my research paper’ section on its website offers students valuable assistance in academic writing at affordable prices. However, as school is over, many students can use their free time to explore the wide world.

They generally want to see beaches, famous cities, museums, arts, and landmarks. This article lists just a couple of those places you would love for sure if you’re about to have a gap year. So, be ready to bookmark some of the most exciting and unique cultural places to visit!

Le Louvre (France) 

When looking for both a place to travel to and art at its finest, this is a stop no one would want to miss – Le Louvre. It is a real architectural beauty in terms of both its exterior and interior design.

It not only has the honor of being firmly recognized as the world’s largest art museum but is also known for being the world’s most visited one as well. It houses the works of history’s finest artists:

  • Michaelangelo;
  • Leonardo da Vinci;
  • Caravaggio;
  • Raphael;
  • Jacques-Louis David.

The most acclaimed work of art placed in the museum is undoubtedly Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’. The museum itself is located in the capital of France on the right bank of the river Seine in the first district of Paris.

There is a wide range of paintings, sculptures, and other displays of artwork to enjoy. Whether you are a fan of the Renaissance era or prefer the Greek or Ancient Roman styles, there is definitely something in it for you. Anyone can find here something they will appreciate irrespective of their opinions on art.

Barcelona (Spain)

The capital of Catalonia simply had to be on this list. The music, the architecture, the beaches, the football, the natural beauties. This city has everything for a student to switch to the rest mode.

The city is located on Spain’s northeastern coast and is truly made up of a diverse mixture of places to see and sounds to be heard. 

For those who have sport as their first and foremost when it comes to entertainment, there’s FC Barcelona to check out and their home stadium Camp Nou to visit. The stadium is actually recognized as the largest in Europe and the fourth largest in the world.

If you’re more into music and dance, there’s a Flamenco show for you to see in many places around the city. You can even participate in one.

You can visit Palace del Flamenco (Barcelona’s largest flamenco theatre) and Palau de la Música (a modernist auditorium and a World Heritage Site). One can even be fortunate enough to see a flamenco stage in one of the many Barcelonian restaurants.

The city is a great place to observe the architecture of the Middle Ages and visit some spots with traces left by Ancient Romans. Should you get interested in such, it will be a must for you to see the city’s Gothic Quarter.

The Mediterranean beaches that line the city’s shores should be an integral part of your trip to Barcelona as well. Just relax and enjoy the breeze. 

Venice (Italy)

This is certainly a place to explore for those who consider themselves seafarers.

This is the City that has canals instead of roads and finds itself one meter below sea level. It’s built on one hundred and eighteen islands linked to each other with over four hundred bridges.

Venice can truly be described as an oceanic beauty and one of the closest things a person can get to Atlantis. Anyone who comes here would certainly want to spend their first moments (if not their entire time) taking photos of all the marine splendors the city has to offer. Those include but aren’t limited to:

  • St.Mark’s Square;
  • St.Mark’s Basilica;
  • Doge’s Palace;
  • The Grand Canal;
  • The Bridge of Sighs;
  • St.Mark’s Campanile, etc.

The entire place is more or less an aquatic wonderland. It also has its own share of Renaissance and Gothic buildings and palaces. So, getting a tour guide while sailing around is worth consideration.

Akihabara (Japan)

This is a place to venture to for those who have always had an interest in the culture and art of far eastern Asia but didn’t have time to go there.

Akihabara is, in fact, the local name for the region around Tokyo’s Akihabara Station in its Chiyoda ward. It is one of the biggest and most popular otaku places in Tokyo. Otaku in Japanese stands for those with fiery interests – fans of anime and manga in particular.

So, if you are a Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, or Sword Art Online enthusiast, then going to this area of Tokyo will exceed your expectations. Furthermore, the zone is also known for its low-priced electronic shops and cafes.


This article overviewed just four places to visit. In case your tastes in travel are more sophisticated or diverse, all you need is to do your own research. Who knows, maybe the same places listed here may offer you something you fancy a lot.

Anyway, there’s something for everyone to enjoy: the wintery kingdom of the USA’s Alaska, the peaceful peaks of England’s Lake District, the wildlife of South Africa’s Safaris, you name it. Just plan it beforehand while you have the chance. Use your gap year to its optimum.