On the Shelf: Wild Citrus Gin, Caramel Vodka, and more

From wild citrus gin and caramel vodka to natural wine and sparkling blends, here’s a wrap up of what we’ve got on our shelf this season. In this instalment of ‘On the Shelf’ we’ve started it off by putting the spotlight on three Aussie gins to try in celebration of World Gin Day this Saturday 8th June.

Kangaroo Island Spirits

Kangaroo Island Spirits (KIS) is South Australia’s premium distillery, and they’ve been producing a range of award-winning gins that carry a reflection of the local landscape. Their O gin is a standout. Unique botanicals are sourced from across Kangaroo Island to create a distinct character. The key ingredient is the unique coastal daisy bush – a shrub commonly referred to as wild rosemary, adding a sweet and piney flavour to the overall palette. It pairs well with the other botanical infusions of subtle spicy pepper, bold juniper and light citrus.

The KIS O gin has won multiple awards, including being crowned as Australia’s best gin this year at the 2019 inaugural Australian Gin Awards. Serving suggestion is classic tonic with a garnish of mandarin and a pinch of nutmeg. 

Make the O gin yours for $80 from Dan Murphy’s here



If you’re in the mood for something refreshing that promises a bit of zing, then this one’s for you. 5Nines Distilling, a small-batch distillery from the Adelaide Hills, is making a big impact on Australia’s gin scene. Distinct in flavour, their stand out gin is their Wild Citrus. On tasting, there is a bold citrus flavour from the infusion of mandarin, orange and two different types of lime, (living up to its name).

The sweet and light citrus notes are then balanced with coriander seed, cloves and anise, to deliver a smooth drinkable choice. We enjoyed ours with a garnish of orange slice and light tonic.

Batched at 48.3%, you can grab yourself a 750ml bottle for $85.00 here.

Underground Spirits

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They may be relatively new, but since 2017, Canberra based distillery, Underground Spirits, have been paving the way in gin-ovation with their unique production method. It all began with Toby Angstmann, a robotic surgeon and fertility specialist, who began experimenting with cold filtering methods in gin production. Putting his surgical techniques into play, he crafted a unique filtration process that is ‘cryofiltration’. It is a sub-zero production that uses nanomaterials to remove all impurities. The result? A spirit refined in clarity and purity.

Their signature gin (40%) combines classic juniper with fresh citrus, that is well balanced with a savoury essence of basil and Tasmanian Pepperberry, finished with smooth soft notes of lemon myrtle. With fruity notes and hints of vanilla, the Shiraz Gin infused with Tasmanian pepperberries is an explosion of flavour. The gin matures in Shiraz barrels for two months resulting in a spicy and strong result that is delicious to drink. 

A memorable favourite is the caramel vodka (40%). Thanks to the unique cryofiltiration, there is none of the harsh burn that typically comes with a shot of vodka. Instead, you get a smooth tasting experience with subtle sweet flavours. Use in your next espresso martini for a caramel twist. 

Both the signature gin and caramel vodka are $80 while the Shiraz gin is $90. You can purchase them here.

Craftsman Organic Chardonnay

Craftsman is an eco-conscious label, producing Shiraz and Chardonnay varieties using natural farming practices. The Chardonnay has a character combination of lifted citrus and stone fruit, complexed with mild toasty oak. The intense fruity flavours are balanced well with oak making this organic wine a vibrant and refreshing choice.

It is available for a cool $18.00 a bottle from BWS.


Champagne Duperrey Premier Cru Brut NV

A dry sparkling blend, the Champagne Duperrey Premier Cru Brut NV has lively aromas of white apricot and nectarine with hints of lemon, finished with a creamy texture. At just under $40 a bottle from Dan Murphys, it makes a good value choice for your next glass of bubbles.