Merivale has launched a tightly curated online bottle shop

Those discerning folk at Merivale have taken the celebrated wine retail experience at CBD hotspot Palings Lane and reimainged it as an online service simply dubbed The Bottle Shop.

Pulling on the experience and curatorial knowhow of the group’s Master Sommeliers, this online shop will feature an exclusive range of wine, beer and spirits (with a strong focus on wine) from casual to high-end releases.

The idea is to offer a “sommelier experience”, much like the physical Bottle Shop at Palings where wines features are tagged with short descriptions and suggested food pairings. Many of the wines online are categorised by occasion – “Part Starters”, Point Scorers” etc – to better connect the right people with the right wine (of beer, spirit).

Franck Moreau MS and Adrian Filiuta MS from Merivale are responsible for the selection, which focuses on mirroring the fine wine selection at many of the group’s restaurants so that customers can easily seek out something they may have enjoyed over dinner.

The online service will also come with a bunch of monthly subscription based delivery services ranging from $60 to $110 per month.

Merivale’s Master Sommeliers Franck Moreau MS and Adrian Filiuta MS are responsible for curating the range, working closely with Merivale’s talented sommelier team to ensure a diverse selection of quality wines that are easily accessible and suit many different palates.

“We believe that life is too short to drink anything but the best drops”, says Moreau. “So now, if you’ve been to a Merivale restaurant and enjoyed a bottle of wine, you can order the same bottle online and reminisce on great memories in the comfort of your own home.”

To check it out for yourself head on over to

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